The Illuminati of Which I Speak

Hat tip to occams hatchet for the term “crap detector”.  Now in honing our skills in crap detection consider this book, written by an insider in global affairs, an employee of Illuminati Kingpin Henry Kissinger himself.  Regardless of residual bias I whipped out the credit card and logged onto…

The World is controlled by 6000 of the most elite of the elite.  I and I hope you too might consider this informational source as ammo, armor piercing ammo at that for one can not discuss politics at any level without considering the coming elimination of the concept of nations.

This is the origin link which turned me toward the book.…

A medley.

More reports are coming in about the financial district of New York becoming a locked down “secure” place in this “post 911 world”.

Does anybody really want to get patted down and shoved through metal detectors five times a day while constantly being analyzed by robot cameras equipped with “suspicious activity” algorythms.

Next up.  May 1 to May 8 is officially FALSE FLAG WATCH WEEK!

This is just NLE2-08, they apparently dispensed with the naming these things with doublespeak business buzzwords such as “Noble Resolve”.

The last item comes from my own workplace.  

In true Satanic form and in keeping with the latest business Negative Productivity Initiatives and fully in line with the Illuminati Plan to Destroy American business.

Three of our top performing engineers are being transferred to “other” departments.  The “other” department is headed up not by a dynamic naturally gifted manager of people but an asskisser of galactic proportions who will only allocate one pencil per month to “his” underlings.  This man’s twenty year history of contribution to the state of the art is zero.

These are talented, experienced engineers who carry with them years of R&D experience of all kinds.  I remain committed to supporting their future efforts in making their new supervisor look like a total douchebag!

Think about it, really.  The deliberate destruction of productivity that you have witnessed in your workplace in the last five years.  Does it make sense?  Is it beyond the statistical probability of the random occurance of “bad luck” events, or has it been truely Satan inspired and destructively brilliant.

Last item.

A program written by one of the younger engineers in our group relied upon being compiled four months ago.  Well since then Microshit has released several “updates” to it’s Satan inspired “operating” system.  Basically that means that the operating system the program was compliled under does not exist because the computer has been “updated”.  This guy’s most excellent work is crap because our government didn’t anti-trust Satan’s minions into the stone age way back in the 90s.

Well the program crashes out, and our tech called me.  I just laughed, smiled and made the suggestion to recompile on an “updated” machine.  Drivers trying to address an altered operating system, well the BSOD is gone but not forgotten.  Do I want to tell Microsoft about this problem?

Fuck You.

They are able to False Flag an Al-qaeda “information technology” attack any time now.

I am off to see my Apocalyptic Horse.  How did your day go?  Is it subliminal cell phone frequencies or is it an evil astrological alignment of the planets.


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  1. …you don’t honestly believe in the Illuminati, do you?  Like the RAW Illuminati?


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