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Tales from The Edge of a Revolution #1: Ya Just Never Know

General Assembly–Arcata Plaza, Oct 12th

A seagull careens overhead and trills its high pitched cry as it makes an acrobatic dive for some crumb left on the plaza. My eyes follow the dive though I continue to be present with the circle. I am unaccustomed to such a glorious day. The sun is uninhibited, actually warming my skin, and there is only a gentle breeze. No sign of the more typical bone chilling North Coast cold, gray wind.

We sit on the grass in a loose circle. Two young men fight with mock swords behind us, laughing at their own missteps and brilliant parries. Beyond them a group of hitchhikers spange pedestrians likely to have money in their pockets. A single squad car and officer look on, disinterested. I am at peace. Despite my appearance, I belong.

The moderator is a gentle, open woman in a cowboy hat and well worn jeans. She keeps the meeting low key and the anger that bubbles up at other meetings is quickly dissipated by her soft spoken interjections. She has us introduce ourselves and say something about why we are here.

To my left a traveling college student introduces himself in English heavily accented by his native French. He has come here to see the differences between American revolution and French. Next to me is a man who arrived on bicycle in a worn denim jacket, decorated with various writings and hand drawn art. His gray hair is tied out of a weather beaten, bearded face. He tells about arriving in Arcata in the late 60’s, the last time revolution was in the air. He has waited a long time to see it resurface and glad that it has finally come.

The young man to my right says his name is Mango and the man next to him is Forrest. These are “forest” names, of course. A long tradition from Redwood Summer, when tree-sitters, trying to save the last of America’s Redwoods, gave arresting officers these false names, making conviction more difficult. Their speech is more angry than the rest, but it is redirected by the group away from aggression at the CEO’s of banks, toward education of their customers. The group decided on a lobby sit-in for two of the major banks in a few days.

Manufacturing Monday: Week of 12.15.08

My oh my, what an interesting week, and I don’t mean that in a good way.  From our trade deficit to our automakers on the brink of joining our domestic consumer electronics firms, things aren’t looking all that swell.  The latest indicators are showing, at least for November, what has been on everyone’s mind, the economy.  Some are saying, though that things will pick up, that the recession began a year ago and we’ll come through it by 2009.  We’ll see, when the average worker is able to stop worrying not just about making rent or that mortgage payment, but also putting food on the table, then I’ll agree.  Globally, like the United States, things for now look dim.  And like I said, the figures show it…which leads us to the Numbers!

The Bilderburg Group

Embracing the conspiracy theories presents it’s problems.  End Game states the purpose of secret organizations is to cull the population of the earth down to 500 million.  Now I could just take the blue pill and dismiss all of this as the rantings of insane people but the NWO paragidms actually match and align perfectly with the last 20 years of American history, even longer.

Homeland Security claims to protect the Homeland yet www.spp.gov meets several times over several years to merge the “Homeland” into a three nation union.

www.projectcensored.org documents the media blacklisting of verboten topics.

The US population is a mere 300 million out of the world 6 billion.  We consume and waste far to many resources.  The technology has been developed and exported.  Our moral fiber is under continuous attack and the founding principles of law are being deliberately discarded at alarming rates.



Not something left to the random statistical arena of a series of chance events, it must be by plan and design.

Now if you take all of that in as fact and a black guy, a woman, and a war mongering pyschopath are presented to you as the potential next leader of the “free” world you will chalk the whole affair up the the planned destruction of America it is.

What is the answer then?  Have fun.  In these, the last of days not having the financial resources for that remote survivalist bunker way back up in the woods I might as well have fun.  Send an encrypted message to your international friends, spell Fuck You NSA in laser pointers on your front lawn, take the battery out of your cell phone on long trips and “cheating” on your taxes is American Patriotism at it’s best.  Educate your loved ones.


God says the Biblical Apocalypse need not involve fire and brimstone and the elimination of all on earth, He may accept the refusal of soldiers to fire upon other people because they were ordered to or perhaps even a sizable portion of fully awake people with a concern about their fellow man.

Hey, you will grant me one last Horse Ride though, won’t you.

And was Bush the third anti-Christ?