We have to pass this bill quickly

More confirmation Obama is the last US president.


It does not matter if you personally like or dislike Obama.  You need to sign this petition and flood his e-mail box with e-mails that tell him that, even if the House passes this bill, he needs to veto it.  It is already impossible to live on Social Security alone.  If the government gives benefits to ‘illegal’ aliens who have never contributed, where does that leave those of us who have paid into Social Security all our working lives?

As stated below, the Senate voted this week to allow ‘illegal’ aliens access to Social Security benefits.

Attached is an opportunity to sign a petition that requires citizenship for eligibility to that social service.

Instructions are below.  If you don’t forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these names.

If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to everyone you know.

Thank you!

To add your name, click on ‘forward’.  Address it to all of your email correspondents, add your name to the list and send it on.

When the petition hits 1,000, send it to comment@whitehouse.gov

Even the supposed lightening speed of the internet was slower than the passage of this bill.

In other ramblings I have some impressions from a TeeVee show the wife was watching about a conservative family of 18 from Arkansas.  We are a half hour from the People’s Republic of Cambridge so religous fervor a la the deep south is alien to us.  I told the wife “Hey, these people walk around citing chapter and verse by the time they are ten years old.  Very sure whatever Christ really said was taken out of the Bible by controlling priests years ago.  How many Holy Wars and atrocities, in the name of Christ?”

So here they are in the “agrarian” south and I also note a higher incidence of “Baptist” church signs in rural areas up here.  Dare I say it, simple things for simple minds?  Should they ever visit a Buddist temple their Bible takes up an entire room.

So glad I never confined myself to the dogma of one belief system.

Filling out the ranks medical joins the 911 truth movement.



  1. in taking political tests I come out left of Ghandi and he Dali Lama yet I consider it like Neo’s Matrix.  The science and marketing of how best to get people to exploit themselves.

  2. LINK

    Social Security Petition

    Claim:   Signing a petition will help overturn a recent Senate decision to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens.


    Origins:   This item is a textbook example of the worst aspects of Internet petitions: It treats a non-existent issue, and suggests dealing with it in a largely ineffective manner.

    This petition is an updating of one which first began circulating in mid-2006 (“President Obama” substituted for “President Bush”), and thus the referenced Senate action took place not “last week” but back in May 2006. Moreover, the Senate did not vote in May 2006 to “grant Social Security benefits to illegal aliens” – as we covered in a separate article, back then the Senate tabled a prospective amendment that would have prohibited former illegals who had since gained legal status from being given credit for payments they had previously made into the Social Security system.

    LH, don’t get pulled in by everything you read in an email. There are people out there that do not have our country’s best interests at heart, and formulating unrest through spreading lies is just one way. The Hannittys and Limbaughs and Becks know exactly what they are doing- and we know too. We just aren’t sure who their puppetmasters are. Don’t help them by spreading demonstratible misinformation.

    When things like this get disseminated, eveyone who takes it to heart becomes just one more unwitting bit of cannon fodder for the overlords.

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