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Current pivotal dates are September 30 then October 9 to the 13th.  I do plan on extracting as much cash as humanly possible once the severance check hits the bank. Anybody who knows what that limit is before setting off the bells and whistles at the FBI please let me know.  I do have to talk to my daughter about how after my employment termination I access my own money(direct depostit) via the computer I have not built yet.  She and apparently the entire world knows how to look at my finances but I do not.  

Hopefully we have until spring of 2009 before the nukes(not from missles BTW) start taking out major cities.…

Now why do I have to search the internet to find interesting people reportedly coming from high places.  Well the cognitive dissonance of corporate America that I have experienced is massive and I hope to write the Naomi Klein type of book documenting all of it.  My personal and up close history of me, the first generation to be born outside of the family farm.  That means in only a single generation a shining nation and hope of the world has been erased and all of mankind slinks back into the dark ages.

I reflect upon and entire career and how the stuff you buy is just not what it could be. In order to make money making something there is a pieces per hour count which must be made.  Out of that the CEO has to have a mansion in Boca Raton and bonuses for the cannibalization of the core business functions to make the bottom line look good have to be paid out.

Remember those innocent days when Martha Stewart had to go to jail simply for lying to the Feds?  Well these days anyone can rape and pillage the entire village and nobody but nobody goes to jail.

An Illumati salute to you all.  Stand at attention and click your heels together as the Nazis did.  Extend your right arm in a conventional military salute position but instead of bringing four fingers toward the forehead use two fingers to cover your upper lip.  You are supposed to do this mocking Hitler’s moustache and the ideals he represented.  Fascism, a super race of superior humans with their manifest destiny to control all others.  Hmmm….sound strangely familiar.  

In the timeline of man’s history, Adolph for all the destruction he did reign upon man did not last for an extended period of time.  I can not fathom why the United States, both political parties included seeks to emulate and repeat the 1940’s and 1929 concurrently.  Could we avert their bullshit by letting them know a majority of Americans know the real score?  Well I think not because there is a value to the negative powers of TeeVee and keeping the peasants occupied with below the belt issues like pigs and lipstick.

Given my survival I will know after looking into your eyes if I should or should not waste my time helping you hook up twelve volt battery systems.  I do think it might become that desperate.  I started my activism with this guy and to this day it is more appropriate than ever.………

Sorry for all the doom and gloom and let’s hope the benevolent aliens and meditating monks can affect real “Change” in the world without depopulating 90% of the planet.


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  1. … when businesses did well because they made a good and useful product, made it well, and so people bought their products over competitors who did not make their products so well.  That is not a myth.  I saw it and was valued in the workplace for that quality myself.

    This is worth repeating:

    Remember those innocent days when Martha Stewart had to go to jail simply for lying to the Feds?  Well these days anyone can rape and pillage the entire village and nobody but nobody goes to jail.

  2. and i havent worked in banking for a few years, so the amounts may have changed, but at the time i was in banking, any single-day CASH transaction that is larger than $9,999.99 requires you to sign a form which (to the best of my knowledge) is kept on record with the financial institution in case there is an IRS issue.  the system supposedly protects your privacy unless and until a warrant to see such documents is sworn out.  supposedly.

    whether you cash a check and receive cash or you bring in cash for deposit or exchange (like, to buy foreign currency or get a bank check/money order/travelers checks), if you are in possession of $10,000. or more in cash, you have to fill out the form.  there were always those particularly bitchy bank employees who would get stupid about amounts approaching it as well….like, if someone had a ‘close to’ amount that seemed purposely close, maybe knowingly trying to dodge the requirement, they would note the account.  

    also, be careful of a lot of consecutive-day activity.  try to space out the visits you make for withdrawal…and if you’re writing checks to yourself to get the money out, put something reasonable but innocuous in the memo line….but dont be too obvious about that, either.  and dont write ‘motorcycle’ if you dont have a motorcycle.  

    and, no, i’m not paranoid.  but i’m not naive, either 😉  best of luck to you…

  3. And I have a message for you from the benevolent aliens and meditating monks:  Serious human depopulation of the planet is the best thing that could happen to it, and is inevitable.  It’s merely a question of how it’s going to happen–whether nature or runamok global corporate capitalism will pull the trigger(s) first.

  4. …and your ideas…are…earth-shattering and needed~

    Be well.  apocalyptic-god’s-horse speed to you!

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