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What Is The Story With Your Handle?

Lets start with the meat of this essay, there is no meat. If you came by looking for issues or action or insight (not that you get a lot of the last from the Dog anyway) you are SOL, that’s right you are a Slovenian On Leave. However if you are looking for a place to be a little silly, to let your hair down and get to know a little something about your fellow community members, well you are in the right place!  

Mad Eccentric Genius

I’m talking about “mad” as in eccentric, and genius, maybe more so, as in creative. Not to say that I am one, no… I lack the genius aspect. I just have an affinity for some. Been known to, on occasion, marry one or two. Heh.

NOTE: This is not a political essay. As my essays often are, it’s intended to be an Open Random, for fun  Please add your nominees to the pool in the comments.  

The Elitist Snack & Drink Election Day/Night Celebration Premature Edition

I know this is way too early to write about the sort of celebration we will have next Tuesday night and, ahem, the price we’ll pay the following day: a post-celebration that many of us will suffer as the MOTHER of all HANGOVERS! I spell it EXCESS! When Blake wrote “The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom”, he wasn’t wrong!

Yes, excessive it will be, and we have earned it after enduring 8 years of conveyor-belt propelled BS, false promises, stupid wars, the raping of the constitution, economic downgrading and a lot more. Of course eating right is elitist and since this election is the most important one this century (and possibly the last one) I’m going to throw caution to the wind and celebrate properly by purchasing, bartering, demanding, begging for the primo stuff to be on hand during the long hours of the election results. Here’s to the future!

Pony Party: for Speedway Babs

There’s a Kossack who lives in my small city.  Well, another one besides me.

I dedicate this to her.  She loves small critters, so I am inviting any other small-critter-lovin’ folks to please join us in a celebration.




The Pony Party is an Open Thread.  Do not REC the party!

The Bilderburg Group

Embracing the conspiracy theories presents it’s problems.  End Game states the purpose of secret organizations is to cull the population of the earth down to 500 million.  Now I could just take the blue pill and dismiss all of this as the rantings of insane people but the NWO paragidms actually match and align perfectly with the last 20 years of American history, even longer.

Homeland Security claims to protect the Homeland yet www.spp.gov meets several times over several years to merge the “Homeland” into a three nation union.

www.projectcensored.org documents the media blacklisting of verboten topics.

The US population is a mere 300 million out of the world 6 billion.  We consume and waste far to many resources.  The technology has been developed and exported.  Our moral fiber is under continuous attack and the founding principles of law are being deliberately discarded at alarming rates.



Not something left to the random statistical arena of a series of chance events, it must be by plan and design.

Now if you take all of that in as fact and a black guy, a woman, and a war mongering pyschopath are presented to you as the potential next leader of the “free” world you will chalk the whole affair up the the planned destruction of America it is.

What is the answer then?  Have fun.  In these, the last of days not having the financial resources for that remote survivalist bunker way back up in the woods I might as well have fun.  Send an encrypted message to your international friends, spell Fuck You NSA in laser pointers on your front lawn, take the battery out of your cell phone on long trips and “cheating” on your taxes is American Patriotism at it’s best.  Educate your loved ones.


God says the Biblical Apocalypse need not involve fire and brimstone and the elimination of all on earth, He may accept the refusal of soldiers to fire upon other people because they were ordered to or perhaps even a sizable portion of fully awake people with a concern about their fellow man.

Hey, you will grant me one last Horse Ride though, won’t you.

And was Bush the third anti-Christ?


A dose of fun and humor (minimum daily requirement)

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Trivia question of the day. (answer below the fold) — In what sport are you likely to see a flying mare?

Word of the day. (definition below the fold) — Squalid

Quote of the day. — “In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.”

Miguel de Cervantes

Common misconception. — George Washington was the first President — John Hanson had the privilege. 8 years before the constitution was adopted, the United States existed under the Articles of Confederation. In 1781 John Hanson was elected by the Congress as the President of the United States. He didn’t have the same powers as later Presidents and only served for one year, but he was the firs official President.

Useless information. — In Tibet, some women have special metal instruments used for picking their noses.

Bad President/Bushisms. — 4/15/05 – “Part of the facts is understanding we have a problem, and part of the facts is what you’re going to do about it.”

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