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Mad Eccentric Genius

I’m talking about “mad” as in eccentric, and genius, maybe more so, as in creative. Not to say that I am one, no… I lack the genius aspect. I just have an affinity for some. Been known to, on occasion, marry one or two. Heh.

NOTE: This is not a political essay. As my essays often are, it’s intended to be an Open Random, for fun  Please add your nominees to the pool in the comments.  

In honor of Mutoh Keiji/The Great Muta!

Earlier today, at the Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium, the legendary Great Muta won the All-Japan Triple Crown chamionship.  Muta, the alter ego of the also legendary Mutoh Keiji, added to their belt total, as Mutoh is the New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP Heavyweight champion and also holds an independent tag team title.  IE: It’s five belt Mutoh/Muta!