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Disabled Vet: Contractors Should Be for Cafeteria Services That’s It

We had a great time last night in a Q+A with John Waltz, a disabled veteran and Progressive who’s running for Congress in Kentucky’s 4th district. This answer cracked me up and at the same time made me yell out.. RIGHT ON!

Spandan Chakrabarti John, another question about the military, specifically defense contractors. I understand some are needed, but how do you view the Bush era explosion in defense contracting and contractors who operate outside the UCMJ, and is there a way to rein them in?

John Waltz  When you privatize military functions, you’re creating an incentive, specifically a profit, to go to war and stay in war. Use of military contractors should be kept to an absolute minimum. Maybe cafeteria services and that’s about it.

The full Q+A is below the fold

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‘But Obama always said he would send more troops to Afghanistan’

Yes he did.

In July of 2008 during the presidential campaign Obama wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times.

As president, I would pursue a new strategy, and begin by providing at least two additional combat brigades to support our effort in Afghanistan.

While this disappointed many of his supporters, it was widely regarded among progressives as a hat tip to the conservadems, and not really in character with his true anti-war persona.

Be that as it may, many are now defending Obama’s latest troop escalation declaring that he always promised us that he would increase troop levels in Afghanistan.

Let’s put an end to that assertion.

Nationwide protests this week against Afghanistan escalation (UPDATE)

It’s about time for a substantial anti-war movement to start in this country – and with Obama probably announcing an escalation of 34,000 troops to Afghanistan (in addition to the 20,000 he already sent), there is no better time than now.  A leading anti-war organization, World Can’t Wait, is holding protests around the nation.

Throughout next week, there will be protests in (this list will probably include more cities by the time the protests start – and you can always organize a protest yourself!):

Iraq Troop Is Back Behind The Camera

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IVAW member Casey J Porter has been vlogging from Iraq for month’s now. I’m not about to try and better Casey’s description:

The latest film, Deconstructed, continues to show the realities of war. Featuring statements from former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Former President Bill Clinton, The O’Reilly Factor host Bill O’Reilly, amongst many others, this is a look into the arrogance and lies of those who promoted, and continue to promote this war interlaced with combat footage straight from Iraq.  Included are scenes of Soldiers not only speaking their minds, but speaking the truth about the continued occupation of Iraq.

Also featured are some of the harsh realities of combat and in the midst of that combat, good Soldiers continuing to make the best out of it by helping their “adopted” child at their combat outpost.  This is an honest look into the minds of Soldiers, and an honest look into their lives during a deployment.  

This is Deconstructed.

[The usual hat tip to Jeri Reed.]

Our Medicated/Wounded Military

Yesterday “GregMitch” posted a Diary on the same subject I’m placing up first.

But lets expand to on what our Civilian and Military leaders are doing to Our Troops and National Security in bushs, and now mccains call for More, occupations!


Our Medicated Military

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue, an alarming number of active-duty troops are turning to prescription anti-depressants to cope with the stress of battle. David Martin reports

Iraq Getting Lonelier For U.S.

There’s someone who gets it:

Rudd has said the Iraq deployment has made Australia more of a target for terrorism.

PART 2–Problems ALL Americans should know. We need help to fix these.


Join Sancho Press to help.


See above for part one also -buhdy

We have a problem that every American should be FULLY aware of. Part One

Series of two to be posted from Sancho Press on Docudharma, Turn Maine Blue, DailyKos and sent to the Communications Director (per her request) for Congressman Michael Michaud, Maine 2nd district, member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.  


If you REALLY want to know what problems our troops and veterans are battling, then you might want to take that one hour to read and watch these. It took me about 90 minutes to read every word and watch every video. I have TBI and am not the sharpest tack in the box. It took me MUCH longer to compile excerpts from 27 articles, videos and photos.  

Tribute to those who held Sancho Press up since 12/28/07.

cross posted from Sancho Press. I hope nobody here at Docudharma is offended by this shameless pimp. Sancho Press is a completly different type of site than DD. It is solely dedicated to uniting citizens with the troops and veterans. http://sanchopress.com/

Since our first article on 28 Dec 07, it has been a slow growth. During that period there have been a handful of people who held Sancho Press’ head above water. They should be recognized. (I truly apologize if I miss anyone).

I believe we are turning a corner. More are hearing about Sancho Press. More are joining. Our visits per day and our page visits have continually gone up.

I have commitments from a half dozen professional journalists who have worked at places such as Army Times, USMC publications and more. These individuals should be on within a few weeks and should really get things rolling.

Sancho Press will have some exclusives with “dirt” on the military and their publications.

The real point here is to recognize those who got us to this point and in a position to really take off and do some good for our troops and Veterans.    


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Citizens and military combine forces to advocate for better care for troops and vets, for responsive government and for the Constitution

There is a you tube video below the fold of this article I write. It is about OUR troops. It is about our nation supporting them. It is about our obligation to help them with the multitude of problems they face.

Remember them. Remember they are not a number or a statistic. Remember they are not bad people. Remember they are not in Iraq because they support George Bush’s policies. Remember they raised their right hand and swore an oath to God, our nation, to me and to you. Remember that oath was most of all to themselves.

Remember that this oath was to follow any lawful order of those of higher rank. Remember that even when they disagree with what they are told to do or where they are told to go or why they are there, they are soldiers and THEY DO IT, THEY MUST. Remember they are bound by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Remember they do it because it is their job. Remember they do it because they swore they would. Remember they do it because they are men and women of their word. Remember they are men and women of honor. Remember that when they signed up to serve our nation, you and me, they knew it was possible they would have to do things, go places and fight wars they may not agree with.

Remember many die in the sands of Iraq. Remember many are permanently physically wounded in the sands of Iraq. Remember even many more will be mentally scarred for the remainder of their life with PTSD and TBI and Depression and mental health problems and more. Remember that 20 or 30 and even 40 years from now, many will wake at night from horrendous memories, awful demons and things most of us can not imagine in our worst nightmares.

Remember they swore an oath. Remember they were doing their job. Remember they are soldiers. Remeber THEY MUST DO WHAT THEY DO. Remember they don’t deserve the things described above.    

MOST OF ALL; Remember they are husbands, fathers, sons and brothers. Remember they are wives, mothers, daughters and sisters. Remember they are away from those they love and those that love them.


Aside from Iraq and our troops and our veterans, I NEED to express my feelings about the paragraph you will read just below the fold.

This paragraph below the fold was written by the author of the video. It is just above the video you will watch.

Regarding what the author had to write, I am outraged, disgusted, amazed and astounded. I am God damn pissed off and outright fucking angry. I can not believe she had to do what she had to do and write this to her audience. Please read what she had to write and watch the video below the fold and then please read my closing comments.

Aside from Iraq and our troops and our veterans, I NEED to express my feelings about the paragraph you will read just below the fold.

This paragraph below the fold was written by the author of the video. It is just above the video you will watch.

Regarding what the author had to write, I am outraged, disgusted, amazed and astounded. I am God damn pissed off and outright fucking angry. I can not believe she had to do what she had to do and write this to her audience. Please read what she had to write and watch the video below the fold and then please read my closing comments.        


HELP! Good cause needs writers, members and help.

I currently have a bare bones web site/blog called sanchopress.com with which I desperately need help and writers. It is going to be designed to unite the left and the troops/veterans as well as many other features I will explain further along.  Why it is bare bones, when it once was not, is a long story and not needed here.


Articles can be written on it now as well as making comments, but that is it for now.I have an excellent web designer who is very busy now and comes highly recommended. She has 87 clients all over the world. She can not start on sanchopress.com for about two weeks.

I am a veteran and my passion and dedication has been trying to help the troops/veterans. I have tried to unite the left and the troops/veterans. I have written diaries about the terrible plight of the troops/veterans and their families. The horrendous treatment and wait times at the Veterans Administration hospitals. I posted many diaries about troops/veterans issues.

Below are some of my troop/veterans diaries tat were posted on DailyKos, Docudharma, Turn Maine Blue and VetVoice.





My diaries had not gotten the left inspired enough to make a big difference in helping the troops. I blame nobody. Maybe they were not good enough diaries or maybe I did not have enough of a reputation established in the left community. With the fact that this method was not working, I knew I had to think of another way to get my goal acheived. I decided on my own blog. I knew I had to have a very good reason for people to come to my blog/site if I started one.

I gave a great deal of thought to the project because there are tons of web sites out there. I HAD to have something different and unique to merge these two groups. Otherwise, why come to mine?

Using my skills from my successful 20+ year career in corporate marketing/sales/management I began to develop what I believed to be a win/win idea that I have not seen anywhere on the web. If someone can show me a site/blog with the veterans/troops working in unison with the left, I would like to take a look at it.

I am also setting SanchoPress as a corporation with paid employees, a second in charge etc. Of course I can not pay anyone until we are successful and begin to receive moneys from donations and from advertisements.

ALL blogs
operate on this system of income. There is even a web site showing most blogs income from advertisements only (below). Since I am looking to the future, I must make a plan for this. That is only wise and logical. When we are successful, it WILL happen. Advertisers WILL come and offer money to be on the site.


Eventually I want to pay Editorial Page Contributors (front pagers), Web designers, graphic designers and others who make a substantial contribution to the corporation and cause.

I know many troops on the front lines from my involvement in VetVoice. I know many veterans from the VA where I have health coverage. I know Brian Mcgough who did the rebuttal film to Rush Limbaugh. I even have a chopper pilot of a medi-vac unit who has committed to writing a daily diary each evening about what happened in his day and to contribute it on sanchopress.com (beginning in March).

I know “owners” of veterans wives for change organizations and changes for veterans families organizations. They are on board with this.

I know many others from this war who are now out of the military.  I also have gotten to know some members on Dailykos, Docudharma, Turn Maine Blue and VetVoice. I need more than the few I have gotten to know on each blog to help this endeavor work.

I have TBI (like many vets), which caused depressive disorder, mental health issues and I also fractured three vertebrae in the auto accident that caused all these issues. I am disabled. With some similar problems to those returning from combat, I can relate better to them. I have also had nine years to learn to live with my problems and can help some adapt. We all have our cross to bare. I am not complaining. I wouldn’t trade my problems for yours.

I spend a great deal of time on the blogs and the internet. Much of it researching troops/veterans issues. The situation is horrendous. Our military is decimated. They are stretched beyond limits. They are exhausted and weak and have tours that are far too long and stays home that are far too short.

The House subcommittee On Veterans Health estimates that 65% of troops returning from this war will have some degree of brain damage (TBI)!

I finally came up with the idea to get both groups on one site. My vision was to make a newspaper type blog with links to every left blog and every troop/veterans blog. Also every non profit charitable organization and animal rights site and global warming sites, Native American sites, every news feed and more. This idea/vision became sanchopress.com.

A one stop shop with everything a blogger needs in one place and also what the troops/veterans need too. This in no way will hurt blogs like DailyKos or Docudharrma or any of the others including troops/veterans blogs. It will in fact help them. Some coming to sanchopress.com will see sites they didn’t know about and go to different blogs than they have ever visited before.

SanchoPress will have some unique features. When one of the links has a petition going, it will show up in red on the screen so all know. There will be a daily quote, a daily trivia question, a daily unknown fact, a daily Don Quixote picture and several more similar items to at least add a little bit on the lighter side.

If the citizens of the left hear first hand about TBI, PTSD, mental health problems, divorce, spousal abuse, child abuse, homelessness, inadequate medical care, GWS and a troop/veteran suicide rate of 18 per day, they will be more inclined to help.

OUR troops/veterans are in dire need of our help. The military and their structure are not prone to react to soldiers complaints. It will take our voices along with theirs to get things fixed.

We will operate as a team, united, as one group, demanding action and results for both the troops/veterans issues and our issues. The power of this larger group will definitely have more of an impact than each on their own.

They need us to do things to help them, like write senators and congressmen about their poor health care. Ending this war! The 3-6 month wait for mental health problems at VA hospitals. The housing that has been outsourced and many have lead paint and mold problems. Diagnosing soldiers with personality disorder instead of PTSD so they don’t get benefits and are then told to vacate the military housing and base within 10 days (22,000 since the war started). The 200,000 homeless veterans. More and more.

The troops/veterans are beginning to see the right for what they truly are. They know the right vehemently pushed to send them into this useless war. Now, when they and their families are in need, the right has abandoned those they sent there to carry out their dirty deeds.

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