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Tribute to those who held Sancho Press up since 12/28/07.

cross posted from Sancho Press. I hope nobody here at Docudharma is offended by this shameless pimp. Sancho Press is a completly different type of site than DD. It is solely dedicated to uniting citizens with the troops and veterans. http://sanchopress.com/

Since our first article on 28 Dec 07, it has been a slow growth. During that period there have been a handful of people who held Sancho Press’ head above water. They should be recognized. (I truly apologize if I miss anyone).

I believe we are turning a corner. More are hearing about Sancho Press. More are joining. Our visits per day and our page visits have continually gone up.

I have commitments from a half dozen professional journalists who have worked at places such as Army Times, USMC publications and more. These individuals should be on within a few weeks and should really get things rolling.

Sancho Press will have some exclusives with “dirt” on the military and their publications.

The real point here is to recognize those who got us to this point and in a position to really take off and do some good for our troops and Veterans.