HELP! Good cause needs writers, members and help.

I currently have a bare bones web site/blog called with which I desperately need help and writers. It is going to be designed to unite the left and the troops/veterans as well as many other features I will explain further along.  Why it is bare bones, when it once was not, is a long story and not needed here.

Articles can be written on it now as well as making comments, but that is it for now.I have an excellent web designer who is very busy now and comes highly recommended. She has 87 clients all over the world. She can not start on for about two weeks.

I am a veteran and my passion and dedication has been trying to help the troops/veterans. I have tried to unite the left and the troops/veterans. I have written diaries about the terrible plight of the troops/veterans and their families. The horrendous treatment and wait times at the Veterans Administration hospitals. I posted many diaries about troops/veterans issues.

Below are some of my troop/veterans diaries tat were posted on DailyKos, Docudharma, Turn Maine Blue and VetVoice.…………

My diaries had not gotten the left inspired enough to make a big difference in helping the troops. I blame nobody. Maybe they were not good enough diaries or maybe I did not have enough of a reputation established in the left community. With the fact that this method was not working, I knew I had to think of another way to get my goal acheived. I decided on my own blog. I knew I had to have a very good reason for people to come to my blog/site if I started one.

I gave a great deal of thought to the project because there are tons of web sites out there. I HAD to have something different and unique to merge these two groups. Otherwise, why come to mine?

Using my skills from my successful 20+ year career in corporate marketing/sales/management I began to develop what I believed to be a win/win idea that I have not seen anywhere on the web. If someone can show me a site/blog with the veterans/troops working in unison with the left, I would like to take a look at it.

I am also setting SanchoPress as a corporation with paid employees, a second in charge etc. Of course I can not pay anyone until we are successful and begin to receive moneys from donations and from advertisements.

ALL blogs
operate on this system of income. There is even a web site showing most blogs income from advertisements only (below). Since I am looking to the future, I must make a plan for this. That is only wise and logical. When we are successful, it WILL happen. Advertisers WILL come and offer money to be on the site.…

Eventually I want to pay Editorial Page Contributors (front pagers), Web designers, graphic designers and others who make a substantial contribution to the corporation and cause.

I know many troops on the front lines from my involvement in VetVoice. I know many veterans from the VA where I have health coverage. I know Brian Mcgough who did the rebuttal film to Rush Limbaugh. I even have a chopper pilot of a medi-vac unit who has committed to writing a daily diary each evening about what happened in his day and to contribute it on (beginning in March).

I know “owners” of veterans wives for change organizations and changes for veterans families organizations. They are on board with this.

I know many others from this war who are now out of the military.  I also have gotten to know some members on Dailykos, Docudharma, Turn Maine Blue and VetVoice. I need more than the few I have gotten to know on each blog to help this endeavor work.

I have TBI (like many vets), which caused depressive disorder, mental health issues and I also fractured three vertebrae in the auto accident that caused all these issues. I am disabled. With some similar problems to those returning from combat, I can relate better to them. I have also had nine years to learn to live with my problems and can help some adapt. We all have our cross to bare. I am not complaining. I wouldn’t trade my problems for yours.

I spend a great deal of time on the blogs and the internet. Much of it researching troops/veterans issues. The situation is horrendous. Our military is decimated. They are stretched beyond limits. They are exhausted and weak and have tours that are far too long and stays home that are far too short.

The House subcommittee On Veterans Health estimates that 65% of troops returning from this war will have some degree of brain damage (TBI)!

I finally came up with the idea to get both groups on one site. My vision was to make a newspaper type blog with links to every left blog and every troop/veterans blog. Also every non profit charitable organization and animal rights site and global warming sites, Native American sites, every news feed and more. This idea/vision became

A one stop shop with everything a blogger needs in one place and also what the troops/veterans need too. This in no way will hurt blogs like DailyKos or Docudharrma or any of the others including troops/veterans blogs. It will in fact help them. Some coming to will see sites they didn’t know about and go to different blogs than they have ever visited before.

SanchoPress will have some unique features. When one of the links has a petition going, it will show up in red on the screen so all know. There will be a daily quote, a daily trivia question, a daily unknown fact, a daily Don Quixote picture and several more similar items to at least add a little bit on the lighter side.

If the citizens of the left hear first hand about TBI, PTSD, mental health problems, divorce, spousal abuse, child abuse, homelessness, inadequate medical care, GWS and a troop/veteran suicide rate of 18 per day, they will be more inclined to help.

OUR troops/veterans are in dire need of our help. The military and their structure are not prone to react to soldiers complaints. It will take our voices along with theirs to get things fixed.

We will operate as a team, united, as one group, demanding action and results for both the troops/veterans issues and our issues. The power of this larger group will definitely have more of an impact than each on their own.

They need us to do things to help them, like write senators and congressmen about their poor health care. Ending this war! The 3-6 month wait for mental health problems at VA hospitals. The housing that has been outsourced and many have lead paint and mold problems. Diagnosing soldiers with personality disorder instead of PTSD so they don’t get benefits and are then told to vacate the military housing and base within 10 days (22,000 since the war started). The 200,000 homeless veterans. More and more.

The troops/veterans are beginning to see the right for what they truly are. They know the right vehemently pushed to send them into this useless war. Now, when they and their families are in need, the right has abandoned those they sent there to carry out their dirty deeds.

Almost all the troops/veterans know we shouldn’t have gone to Iraq and we should get out. I speak to them regularly. I regularly speak to people as high as Majors. That is three promotions from General.

Helping the troops/veterans would be doing the correct thing that the left is known for, helping those in need. The troops/veterans have traditionally voted republican. Most are on the fence now due to the right refusing to help them. The right has in fact cut many funding items for veterans. We could possibly pull them off the fence to our side. There are 2.5 million members of the military. Add their families. Add the immense number of vets. This total surely comes to at least 10 million of possible individuals to be pulled over to the democrats.

A wonderful WIN/WIN situation with immense potential to help the lives of OUR MEN AND WOMEN OF THE MILITARY AND THE VETERANS.  

SanchoPress is setup like a newspaper. I want a team and group atmosphere. Being like an online newspaper, we will be using some different words from those on most blogs. Just for you to get a feel for what I mean, I have listed them here for your viewing. Nothing major just a few words slanted towards a newspapers vernacular.

Most Blogs———-SanchoPress wording

Front page————-Editorial page

Front pagers———–Editorial page contributors


Members—————-Group participants

UID (user #)———–GPN (group participant #)

Recommended list—–Preferred articles


Handles —————–Group name


The rating system is also different on It goes one through seven but has unique terms for each level. You will see when you join. I am open to suggestions on this or any other unique item that will make stand out as different. I can be swayed to change my mind on most issues when presented with a good reason.

My goal is to get the left to help troops/veterans and to get the troops to help the left with our issues and to vote democrat in 2008. United, we help with the troops/veterans to get their horrendous problems solved and we get their assistance with our issues and hopefully more troops/veterans voting democrat.

When there is a need for it, we will have easy to use pre-written form letters to email to your congressmen and senators on left issues and troop/veteran issues when a bill is up for vote or an issue needs to be pushed. With the philosophy of you scratch my back, I scratch yours, the troops/veterans will surely sign some of the left petitions increasing our voice.

I chose the name from a list I made of many possible names relating to Cervantes character Don Quixote. The reason for this is that in the lefts fights and the troops/veterans fights, we often feel as though we are tilting windmills. For the left, particularly since the 2006 vote did nothing for us. For the troops/veterans particularly since the VA is doing nothing for them nor the military nor the right.

Anyone who becomes part of our group and wants to chose a Don Quixote related group name is free to do so and in fact encouraged to do so. You can find tons of stuff on the net about Don Quixote and many possible group names (handles). In fact, Don Quixote’s side kick, Sancho Panza is still available. If you wish to use your current handle (group name), that is fine too.

Although it is currently bare bones, you can post articles and make comments. Please do so even if just cross posts. Anyone who joins our group can email me if they would like to be an Editorial Page Contributor. My email is on my profile. Don Quixote. We currently have six Editorial Page Contributors. We hope to have at least 20-25 in the near future with a mix of the left and the troops/veterans.

Those who are open minded enough to see my vision and are amongst the first ones to sign up, will be given Editorial Page Contributor status if they would like to have this privilege. If you have never had this anywhere, here is your chance.

Well, that is my vision and my plan. Please join me in this effort to unite the left and the troops/veterans for the betterment of all. To help our troops/veterans in immense need of our help. To show ALL the military that the left/democrats help ANYONE in need, even if they are in uniform. Even those who have traditionally had a majority vote republican. We hope they may possibly come to the democrats side. Let’s help them and get their massive voting block on our side! needs writers NOW on our bare bones blog/newspaper/information source/entertainment section.

When our web designer starts in two weeks it will only take her a few days to get all the things up and running that I have outlined herein.

I am looking for support, assistance for our troops/veterans and bringing the troops/veterans to vote democrat in 2008. If you come, they will come. I will get the troops/veterans to start posting if the left does.

Is the Pony/Pie/Hide rating system too cutsie?

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    • Tigana on January 4, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    This will help many people.


    • kj on January 4, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    you the very, very best of luck with your endeavor.  It sounds like you could very well be a catalyst for the kind of change you’re wanting to happen, and I hope you are successful beyond your wildest dreams.

  1. programer and dont have to wait the two weeks for the other I was gonna use. Although will be busy with sanchopress, I will be around DD as usual. Thanks again, Tom.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Good luck with your site!  As a fellow Soapbloxer, I found one of the most useful things before we started up, was to go through the blogroll on the site and see how other people designed their sites.  

    That’s when I disovered the media module, which I think is pretty snazzy, but it doesn’t fit our blog model.  It seems like it might be more suitable for you – let your programmer know that this is an option anyway.  

    These are some of the sites using the media template:

    Minnesota Monitor

    Iowa Independent

    Colorado Confidential

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