Iraq Getting Lonelier For U.S.

There’s someone who gets it:

Rudd has said the Iraq deployment has made Australia more of a target for terrorism.

Though the damage is already done, from the invasion and occupation, the hatreds intensified, new enemies established,  Australia ends Iraq combat operations, after their five years of wrongly following the failed policies of the U.S. and joining the small contingent of the coalition of the willing.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was swept into office in November largely on the promise that he would bring home the country’s 550 combat troops by the middle of 2008.

And from around Australia:

Troops heading home

About 500 Australian combat troops today have begun pulling out of their base in southern Iraq.

A British military spokesman in the southern city of Basra said the pullout from Talil base in Nassiriya was underway.

But a spokesman for the governor of Dhi Qar province said it had been completed, with US forces replacing the Australians.

Troops begin arriving home from Iraq

AUSTRALIAN troops have begun arriving home from Iraq, signalling an end to the nation’s combat mission in the war-torn country and fulfilling an election promise made by Kevin Rudd.

Iraq Diggers back in Brisbane

The first of about 500 soldiers from the Overwatch Battle Group (West) 4 and Australia’s Army Training Team reportedly touched down in Brisbane late this afternoon.

Troops begin arriving home from Iraq

Mr Rudd, who ousted John Howard’s coalition government after 12 years at last November’s election, promised to bring home frontline troops this year.

During his prime ministership, Mr Howard repeatedly said the troops should stay until the job was done, arguing Labor’s plan to “cut and run” from Iraq would galvanise terrorists.

Polls show 80 per cent of Australians oppose the war.

There’s that mind control phrase ‘cut and run’.

One doesn’t cut and run from an extremely failed policy that ‘galvanises’ hatred in others, from the killing of their own and destruction of their country, especially when they have done Nothing to deserve that Devastating Carnage, based on lie after lie after lie………………………., of those who sent their own to invade and occupy, Controll, and reigning Terror on them while calling them Terrorists!

When will this Nation start the Drawdown, and our Newspapers have ‘Breaking News’ headlines in Huge Print declaring the return of our troops from a conflict that should never have occurred and has placed this country and it’s citizens in greater danger, that danger will exist, to many now truely despise our countries leaders and us the people of, but it will start the extremely long process of righting the dangerous direction set forth by the Power Hungry and War Profitteers!


    • Edger on June 1, 2008 at 21:19

    except the Bush administration, Congress, and the oil industry, that the invasion and occupation was not only the “greatest strategic disaster in United States history” (Gen. William Odom, Ret.), it was perhaps the greatest strategic disaster in human (non)thinking and international relations and foreign policies in world history.

    “When the president says he is staying the course, that makes me really afraid. For a leader has to know when to change course. Hitler did not change his course: rather he kept sending more and more troops to Stalingrad and they suffered more and more casualties. When the president says he is staying the course it reminds me of the man who has just jumped from the Empire State Building. Half-way down he says, ‘I am still on course.’ Well, I would not want to be on course with a man who will lie splattered in the street. I would like to be someone who could change the course… “Our invasion of Iraq has made it a homeland for al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Indeed, I believe that it was the very first time that many Iraqis became terrorists. Before we invaded, they had no idea of terrorism.” At Fort Bragg yesterday, the president spoke of the need to “prevent al-Qaeda and other foreign terrorists from turning Iraq into what Afghanistan was under the Taliban: a safe haven from which they could launch attacks on America and our friends.” Too late, Mr. President, has no one told you that you’ve succeeded in accomplishing that yourself? “No organizational design will compensate for incompetent incumbents.”

    –Gen. William Odom , Ret. again: Stay the Crooked Course

    How many Democrats, besides Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Steny Hoyer and Rahm Emanuel, are determined to lie splattered in the street with Mr. Bush before this is over?

    And how many more people have to die because idiots cannot admit their disastrous failures of will and morals?

    Hillary? Barack? Any thoughts?

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