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About Posting Youtubes – You Need To Know This

Youtube has recently changed it’s default embed format.

The older format had a default video embed width of, in most cases, 425 pixels.

The new format, which you now get when you grab “embed” code from a youtube page, has a default width of in most cases 640 pixels, and in some cases even wider, up to about 960 pixels.

If you just copy and paste video embed code from the youtube site to DD, you WILL break the page here.

Youtubes wider than 500 pixels are too wide for the essay column on the pages at DD, and it breaks the sidebars by ‘pushing’ them out to the right to accommodate a youtube wider than the banner at the top which is the width of the essay column.

When you embed a youtube it will be a lot easier on this site, and on your eyes and everyone elses, if you resize it to a something like 500 pixels wide. (see example below)

The DD banner at the top is 580 pixels wide, so you can easily see what will happen to the pages here if you post a youtube wider than that.

Art: some stories and some how-to (with html help)


I’m not really a big devotee of Christmas.  My partner is, however.  So she expects to receive presents and she expects to give me some.

On Christmas day, we received two boxes of top-of-the-line marshmallows, A box each of key lime apples and key lime pears, a “care package” from our Iranian sister-in-law (which includes baklava, raisins, and a lot of food objects of the more strangely Persian variety), and a gingerbread lighthouse, which we have thus far successfully kept sealed.

And Debbie received some socks and I got a comfy pair of fleece lined booties to replace the pair which had finally fallen apart.

Debbie’s other presents have not arrived yet.  She collects dolls and I ordered her two expensive ones which will take several more days to get here.

And I got an upgrade for my art program…

How do we HTML enable leftist bloggers?

I’ve been writing to and at and fro and and from and all over the place, with and from and to and for leftist bloggers since the early 90’s, way before there were bloggers..well, we were bloggers then, but the word had not been invented.

I’m now someone who knows some stuff about html, and where to find it. I can even put a photo in a post, and position it some.

But I see more and more that there are really good leftists out there who are sort of into the internet but are foggy and scared about it.

These people have so much to tell us. But still, they’re not only afraid to talk, but they don’t understand the photographic stuff that we work with here on the net, how we can do so many things with  our visuals.

We need these people. We need their help, their love, their photos, their stories.

Lots of them are just hanging around blogs like DocuDharma. I occasionally get a nice email from some great person like that, and I write back to these nice people; this is WONDERFUL.

So, how do we do it; how do we help the shy scared people get up here with the rest of us and recognize that they TOO can format HTML and post photos and not be afraid, not be afraid, not be afraid.

and have friends, have friends, have friends.

Srsly. I’m just starting to do this with BrokenRoots and it’s working. I have to keep my contact private, but, OMG!

There’s PEOPLE out there!

It’s so scary and amazing too!

I’m getting more and more feedback, as I go romping around YouTube and the blogs and writing and yelling louder.

What strikes me most is that I’m quickly running out of time to work with all the feedback I get. This means there are people out there all over the Internet looking and wanting to hear what I write, and what my tribe people write (like Dodudharma people) and contact me about it.

About how we must take charge of our world, and not wait for the authorities or politicians to do so.

It’s blowing me away.

So, how do we fix this to make it even easier for the peoples to help us take over the world and be friendly tribes with each other?


Tech Talk – Uploading your first web page!

So you’ve made your first web page based on the last tutorial and now you want to know how to change it and upload it.  The most important thing to remember when working with web sites, web hosts and servers is that everything is based on files and folders just like your computer.  On most hosts you’ll be allowed to access the folder “www” or “public-html” in your account.  This is where you’ll be doing 99% of your work.  Inside that folder you can create unlimited new folders for various parts of your website.

Editing Your Page

You already know the basics of HTML if you are posting on blogs.  You know how to create links and most know how to add images.  How the page looks now, however, is up to you.  There are a number of free web design programs but I think it is important that you know how to do coding by hand.  This way you’ll be able to locate and fix mistakes later on.

Open up your “myfirstpage.html” page which you stored on your desktop last time.  Right click or double click anywhere on the page to and select “View Source” or “View Page Source”.  You will see the coding you cut and pasted last time.

Now let’s personalize it:  

Tech Talk – Building your first web page!

Many of you have noted that you perceive web design as voodoo magic or something completely outside your realm.  I get the same reaction when I bring up Art or people watch me draw.  Well I’m here to demystify things for you.  If you follow the simple steps outlined you’ll create your very own web page.  In the following essay I will tell you how to put it on the web.

There are many reasons that a netroots person may want to create a web page or HTML document.  Single pages can be used as billboards for various topics you are interested in.  They are static, which means they will be easily indexed by most search engines and will help to build interest in long-term issues like the environment, health care etc.

So what makes a web page a web page?   Some very simple coding.  Below the fold you’ll find the bare minimum coding you’ll need to make your first web page along with an example.

Hey Blog Owners…Want More Traffic?

When I was promoting the blogs listed on the right-hand side of the site last night I noticed that many of them are missing a description tag.  Why is this important?  Well, a description will allow you to include important keywords that will assist people in finding the blog.  In addition many search engines rely on the description tag in order to properly classify your site.

Docudharma is even currently missing this tag.  How do I know?  Two ways, one is to right click on this page and select view source or view page source.  This allows you to view the HTML coding on any page you are viewing.  The other is to submit the site to an engine that spiders the site looking for title and description tags.

This isn’t OTB’s fault as it looks to be the way the software is set up.  OTB, there should be a way to insert the description tag immediately after the title tag somewhere in the software.

Below the fold I’ll explain how to insert the tag into your own blogs.