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How do we HTML enable leftist bloggers?

I’ve been writing to and at and fro and and from and all over the place, with and from and to and for leftist bloggers since the early 90’s, way before there were bloggers..well, we were bloggers then, but the word had not been invented.

I’m now someone who knows some stuff about html, and where to find it. I can even put a photo in a post, and position it some.

But I see more and more that there are really good leftists out there who are sort of into the internet but are foggy and scared about it.

These people have so much to tell us. But still, they’re not only afraid to talk, but they don’t understand the photographic stuff that we work with here on the net, how we can do so many things with  our visuals.

We need these people. We need their help, their love, their photos, their stories.

Lots of them are just hanging around blogs like DocuDharma. I occasionally get a nice email from some great person like that, and I write back to these nice people; this is WONDERFUL.

So, how do we do it; how do we help the shy scared people get up here with the rest of us and recognize that they TOO can format HTML and post photos and not be afraid, not be afraid, not be afraid.

and have friends, have friends, have friends.

Srsly. I’m just starting to do this with BrokenRoots and it’s working. I have to keep my contact private, but, OMG!

There’s PEOPLE out there!

It’s so scary and amazing too!

I’m getting more and more feedback, as I go romping around YouTube and the blogs and writing and yelling louder.

What strikes me most is that I’m quickly running out of time to work with all the feedback I get. This means there are people out there all over the Internet looking and wanting to hear what I write, and what my tribe people write (like Dodudharma people) and contact me about it.

About how we must take charge of our world, and not wait for the authorities or politicians to do so.

It’s blowing me away.

So, how do we fix this to make it even easier for the peoples to help us take over the world and be friendly tribes with each other?


Here’s the thing about Docudharma!

This has to do with the bloodletting that’s going on right now.  I think that it’s important that we remember that Docudharma is not a “more and better Democrats” community.  Some of us used to post at a place like that.  Some of us have chosen not to post there any longer.  I’m sure each of us who’ve chosen that route have different reasons, and I’m sure that some of the reasons are the same.  For the moment, those reasons don’t matter (at least in the context of this posting).

Saving the American Left w/poll

Original article subtitled The Case for a New Progressive Creed by Bernard Chazelle via Counterpunch.com.

We know that progressives are thought to be locked to the Democratic Party. We also know that progressives are pretty much ignored by said Party. Perhaps it’s time for those of us on the left to find a way to be seen as more than just another special interest group.

The Great Dem/Libertarian Alliance: One Too Many Kooks and Up in Smoke!

Ahhh…it always hurts when something which seemed so promising comes crashing down around you, well…not me…but you know what I mean.  Even more so when the person who proposes the something promising seems very cavalier in bringing it down.  Oh well…let’s see the end of the Great Dem/Libertarian Alliance even before it really began!