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Pony pARTSy

RiaD is still recuperating from the Andromeda Strain, and doesn’t yet have the stamina to undertake the weighty responsibility of a full-fledged Evening Pony Party, so, since I’m a Trust Fund Guy

(trust that funds will come in eventually) and still have a lot of free time, I am once again filling-in for T.I.T.A.S.S.

We of the O.O.T.L.E. (Out of Touch Liberal Elite) that control the Left Wing, often look to the Arts to sooth our troubled souls. Sometimes by setting up

a Foundation  or a Fellowship.  Sometimes by starting a a museum, or prize, or school, named for us.  Here we tend to focus on writing and computer graphics, so lets take some time to consider some others.  

Currently however, funding is pretty tight, so instead of money, we offer an alternative form of support.   Once the Democrats control The White House, we are certain that a new era of peace and prosperity will ensue.  In the meantime, we encourage the everday working class to take some time out in between your three part-time jobs and delve into the world of the Arts so that you’ll have some skills, and maybe some projects finished, by the time we’re donating money again.  

There are many resources availabe for such endeavors, but we choose You Tube, well, because embedding videos is easy, and it’s FREE.  

From Oregon PBS – drawing

Enjoy learning!  

But DO NOT recommend this.  Instead , go to the Front Page for some inspiration.

The rest of the videos will be of reduced size, but remember that if you double-click they will open in a new window and you can begin your new career as a starving artist.


OAC Archive: How to make a YouTube Playlist into a Video CD

This is an archive of a diary from the OAC blog … the table of contents cross-links require the full diary, they don’t work from the abbreviated view.

The balance of the links that can be updated to live diaries will be over time

BruceMcF in Diaries; 1/27/2008 at 10:46 PM EST

Hi, this is the How To that accompanies the TOC: YouTube. It provides some background information on the “why” of the whole process, and step by step help on how to use some of the tools linked to in that diary.

Join me beneath the fold for the scoop.

Why YouTube playlists?

Why Video CD’s

What if I have different programs I like

How to download a YouTube playlist

How to convert an flv file to an MPEG1 file

How to burn a set of MPEG1 files into a Video CD

How to share your work

cooking with Jeffinalabama, vol 1.0 Seafood Gumbo

Well, here’s a beginning, based on an off-hand request last night… cooking with me!

I’m not a master chef, but I have cooked in restaurants before, including a 2-star restaurant, at least for a short time.

However, I do love to cook, and to eat! And in this chilly time of the year– it’s about 25 here in alabama tonight, which to me is cold… I like stews, soups, and gumbos.

Come with me below the fold, and let’s talk about them!

Hey Blog Owners…Want More Traffic?

When I was promoting the blogs listed on the right-hand side of the site last night I noticed that many of them are missing a description tag.  Why is this important?  Well, a description will allow you to include important keywords that will assist people in finding the blog.  In addition many search engines rely on the description tag in order to properly classify your site.

Docudharma is even currently missing this tag.  How do I know?  Two ways, one is to right click on this page and select view source or view page source.  This allows you to view the HTML coding on any page you are viewing.  The other is to submit the site to an engine that spiders the site looking for title and description tags.

This isn’t OTB’s fault as it looks to be the way the software is set up.  OTB, there should be a way to insert the description tag immediately after the title tag somewhere in the software.

Below the fold I’ll explain how to insert the tag into your own blogs.