How do we HTML enable leftist bloggers?

I’ve been writing to and at and fro and and from and all over the place, with and from and to and for leftist bloggers since the early 90’s, way before there were bloggers..well, we were bloggers then, but the word had not been invented.

I’m now someone who knows some stuff about html, and where to find it. I can even put a photo in a post, and position it some.

But I see more and more that there are really good leftists out there who are sort of into the internet but are foggy and scared about it.

These people have so much to tell us. But still, they’re not only afraid to talk, but they don’t understand the photographic stuff that we work with here on the net, how we can do so many things with  our visuals.

We need these people. We need their help, their love, their photos, their stories.

Lots of them are just hanging around blogs like DocuDharma. I occasionally get a nice email from some great person like that, and I write back to these nice people; this is WONDERFUL.

So, how do we do it; how do we help the shy scared people get up here with the rest of us and recognize that they TOO can format HTML and post photos and not be afraid, not be afraid, not be afraid.

and have friends, have friends, have friends.

Srsly. I’m just starting to do this with BrokenRoots and it’s working. I have to keep my contact private, but, OMG!

There’s PEOPLE out there!

It’s so scary and amazing too!

I’m getting more and more feedback, as I go romping around YouTube and the blogs and writing and yelling louder.

What strikes me most is that I’m quickly running out of time to work with all the feedback I get. This means there are people out there all over the Internet looking and wanting to hear what I write, and what my tribe people write (like Dodudharma people) and contact me about it.

About how we must take charge of our world, and not wait for the authorities or politicians to do so.

It’s blowing me away.

So, how do we fix this to make it even easier for the peoples to help us take over the world and be friendly tribes with each other?



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    • Diane G on October 7, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    then when making a new essay, just pick wysiwyg from the formatting scroll box.

    There will be little buttons to use for italics, bold, links and pictures.

    When I first started blogging I had NO, NONE, NADDA html skills. I didn’t know what html WAS for that matter.

    Now I have been doing it so long, that I rarely use the buttons that auto-format uses. I type them without thinking about it.

    Both wwl and dd use soapblox’s template so posting at either place should be the same.

    But, here’s a few easy html codes. In each one, in order for you to see it rather than it work, I will leave a space between the encompassing arrows ( < or > ) and the order I am telling it to complete. Copy and past them somewhere until you start to remember them, and when you use them remove the space.

    To add a link:

    < a href=”website address here” > The word you want highlighted as link here < /a >

    I like my links to open in new tabs, so people don’t lose their place reading me, and so that they can save the linked sites, so I do it like this.

    < a target=”new” href=”website address here” > Highlighted word < /a >

    For pictures:

    < img src=”website hosting the image” >

    Now, to not break margins, or to resize your image add this to that code: (most blogs like 400 or less.)

    < img src=”website hosting the image” width=”400″ >

    To move the image left or right add this (and butt it up to the paragraph you want it next to when you do it.)

    < img src=”website hosting the image” width=”200″ align=”left” >

    For YouTube videos? Copy the embed code, and any where it says “always” erase always and replace it with “never”

    For bold: < b > word < /b >

    Without the spaces will make it bold

    For italic < i > word < /  i > will make it italic

    You can change font size by using any number in the parenthesis with this code:

    < font size=”+3″ > word < /font size >

    you can do the same with font color only write color instead of size and use one of these codes in the quote marks:

    Preview is your friend, play with it 🙂

    If you are copying and pasting an essay from a site with which you are familiar, to one with which you are not:

    When you edit your diary to copy & past w/ code intact make sure that your “format” choice in the scroll down box on the first site, and use the same choice on the next site.

    This is a simple primer, but when in doubt ask someone. Thats how I learned. Just asking people 🙂

    Hope this was helpful.

    Just checked on sick kidlet, now back to bed for me.

    • Edger on October 7, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    under DharmaDocs you’ll find the link – HTML Help

    • TMC on October 7, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    With some great HTML tips. I got some great advice on embedding videos from wader, Rimjob and SuperBowlIXX. (Please try not to let DK’s new “wallpaper” ad distract. It is really annoying)

     And I learned most of what I know from this character, ek hornbeck.

     Have I ever mentioned that I hate HTML ?


    • justCal on October 7, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Being able to include links and embed videos really elevates the game

    Now I just need to learn how to type.  


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