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Art: some stories and some how-to (with html help)


I’m not really a big devotee of Christmas.  My partner is, however.  So she expects to receive presents and she expects to give me some.

On Christmas day, we received two boxes of top-of-the-line marshmallows, A box each of key lime apples and key lime pears, a “care package” from our Iranian sister-in-law (which includes baklava, raisins, and a lot of food objects of the more strangely Persian variety), and a gingerbread lighthouse, which we have thus far successfully kept sealed.

And Debbie received some socks and I got a comfy pair of fleece lined booties to replace the pair which had finally fallen apart.

Debbie’s other presents have not arrived yet.  She collects dolls and I ordered her two expensive ones which will take several more days to get here.

And I got an upgrade for my art program…