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Art: some stories and some how-to (with html help)


I’m not really a big devotee of Christmas.  My partner is, however.  So she expects to receive presents and she expects to give me some.

On Christmas day, we received two boxes of top-of-the-line marshmallows, A box each of key lime apples and key lime pears, a “care package” from our Iranian sister-in-law (which includes baklava, raisins, and a lot of food objects of the more strangely Persian variety), and a gingerbread lighthouse, which we have thus far successfully kept sealed.

And Debbie received some socks and I got a comfy pair of fleece lined booties to replace the pair which had finally fallen apart.

Debbie’s other presents have not arrived yet.  She collects dolls and I ordered her two expensive ones which will take several more days to get here.

And I got an upgrade for my art program…


Some days I am reminded of things I would rather not remember.  Growing up in what was undoubtedly one of the most dysfunctional families around is one of them.  And remembering the Christmases of my childhood, filled with family disharmony.

Is anything more painful for a child than watching family members fight at times which are meant to bring us together?

Peace on earth.  Goodwill towards men…and women and the rest of us, too.

Or, you know, we could fight among ourselves until there is no longer an Us to worry about.

The series of graphics is called Ornaments.  They are freely offered for this holiday season, intended as a gift to all of you.  Clicking on a graphic should open a larger version in a new tab.

To the Brink and Part Way Back

Poor Cavor! He did have such a terrible cold.

–H. G. Wells, First Men on the Moon

I’m dropping off this piece because I have friends here and there and this is the best way to communicate with them.

And some people like my art, so I’m including some of that as well.  Clicking on the images should open larger versions in new tabs.

If you belong in neither of those categories, why are you here?