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Talk to me, ek

 This has all been a bitch.

I’m working on liquidating my assets.

I’m asking you: if I want to send $100 US currency to some non-prof who will work my small sum to send $100

can you fix this?

Can you help and fix this?

You can help, ek.


Stories We Tell Ourselves

This is a crosspost from naranja

We tell ourselves a lot of stories. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact we need them. But we should always be looking at what the story we’re telling is, and what the underlying stories are.

place on the hill

I’m really sorry if I forgot to post this here before.

I could use some text with this.

I had this dream a thousand times before. But this time I got with my old friend, up into a place on the hill.

It was amazing; we found all these amazing kind people and they had this media library. And meanwhile we hung out with them and swapped bread, up in gardens up in high hills of Los Angeles (not real).

Update: late post. Just something I want to post here, with all its raggedy pieces, after all this hell I got into with some of you.

and thanks for not fucking banning me.  

Mercenary Missionary


that’s for the link.

From Jack’s Smirking Revenge. Great essay.

FSZ – Free Speech Zone Blog –

Mercenary Missionary (+)

by: Jack’s Smirking Revenge

Wed Jan 06, 2010 at 01:18:20 AM EST


It seems my “work” has gained some attention.

A professor i’m taking a January course with told me I had to do a “food drive” or work with a charity in order to then write a paper about it…to which I responded “which one?” and gave her a list of one I helped to start as well as others i’m working with currently.

Then, I got a phone call.

Jack’s Smirking Revenge :: Mercenary Missionary

She looked into whether or not I was pulling her leg with the email I sent by asking my advisor if my “tech skills” as well as the other decade-long work I cited was true…he said it was and showed her everything I was doing now and briefed her on what I had done in the past.

So she decided to call me to ask if I “charge” for the computer/web things I do or if I do them for free.  I told her I do them for free because “we don’t live in a time where making a buck is a luxury, people need help now, and we need to get boots on the ground now and fast for what’s coming”.

That did it for her.  

She told me she agrees with me entirely. She then let me know the numerous positions and programs she directed or served on in the U.N. and let me know she is high up in Rotary International doing work currently with food drives here locally while she teaches.  She then laid a line on me that was like the line Bruce Wayne gave to Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight” (might not be the exact line):

“No, you don’t understand, one meeting with my friends, and you’ll never need another dime.”

At my disposal will be activists of the highest caliber, trained formally in dealing with the “professional” aspects of what I want to do (dealing with obstructive local politician douche-fucks, high-up members of the community that want to help, heads of local chapters of “big name” groups, etc.) as well as what I call “Non-Commissioned Officers” in the activist circles that have been acting without a veteran “grunt” that knows what’s needed in “the shit” to achieve the goals needed to help people.  Things like:

– What politicians need to be “massaged” with words by threats of campaign contributor denial and constituent persuasion so they stay off our fucking backs and let us do what we need to do without question or obstruction

– What can actually “be done”, by this I mean what is just idealist wishful thinking and what can actually be done now to setup for what we want to ultimately achieve overall over time, basically the reality of the goals success no matter how crushing my realist perspective from experience might be

– What technology can be used to help us be more efficient in helping people, things like food pantry inventory services with inter-faith charity cooperation was the one I pitched off the top of my head, as well as social networking websites customized for each group for more effective communication

…and numerous other things that I was told I would be discussing with the kind of people who I bet have never sat down and talked with a person that has a 8-inch mohawk in their lives.

Best part is I don’t have to swear allegiance to any group.  Loose association with no strings attached when I don’t want them, but there when I need them.  Make all the contacts I want and do whatever I want in respect to what I think would work as long as I run it by a few people so they can know what I need/be willing to give me to help people.

Oh, and along with my activist/organizing experience I now come with the following extras:

Computer maintenance, software/hardware configuration, knowledge in open-source/freeware/shareware alternatives to expensive commercial products, systems/network administration, limited web design and web site maintenance, software/hardware consulting customized to fit any non-profit group’s or charity organization’s needs….

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rotating blog memes

wow! just think about it!

Yeah, this isn’t an essay…I know.

I just want everybody to think about rotating blog memes.

I see it all the time.

Orbiting blog memes, maybe.

If so, they’ll come in, sooner or later.

For the several ish time, thanks for not banning me.

Turing test. I erred. You pass. Miep.  

since you haven’t banned me

I’ll only say thank you, for that.

Because I think it is really cool that a leftist blog gets it through their collective heads that banning is wrong. I hope my efforts have gotten this across.

Meanwhile, I have been typing and typing and typing.

I tend to rewrite the same stuff over and over again, except I hope I get it better each time.

It’s like water rushing over the rocks. It becomes more clear.

I am still here, you didn’t throw me away.


But I still think you stuck it to Jay. Jay is my friend, from long back.

I’m not going to go away from that.

Jay is a good blogger! he’s nice and understanding.

He’s smart. He’s a liberal. I’ve known him for a long time.

Yeah, he has a degree from a law school. UCLA, actually.

He’s a dear person. And like Allison pointed out; yeah, lawyers kind of get trained to talk like that, kinda confrontational.

Thank you for not banning me. And ek hornbeck and Inky99 and MomCat, I’m always interested in what you have to offer.

But I cannot keep blogging here if any of my long-time friends are cut out at will.

Jesus, ek. Deal with it!!!!

I WANT you to feel secure on this blog. You deserve it.

I don’t want to kick you off or take over this blog, though I might start my own.

And if/when I do, I would want you to come in and chip in, too.

How hard is it to get this across, ek?


Its time you discontinue with this particular tangent and find another topic to write about. Or, are you just trying to further inflame the situation?  

thoughts on banning

yeah, here I am again. I wasn’t going to come back here anymore, but I still care too much.

I started writing this as a response to Nada Lemming. Then I realized it was turning into an essay.

I appreciate it that you have not banned me. More over the jump. It starts out one way and it is turning into another way. I’ll leave my text right stream of consciousness, as is. I think it’s more honest that way.

Okay, not goodbye sweet princes

I should not have fallen for the gbwc thing, even in a comment.

My bad.

Though I do consider many of you sweet princes, and even princesses.

However, I’m not writing here to talk about royalty.

I want to talk about the draft.

Homeless Helpers

Mystery donor rents rooms for homeless in Colo.

December 25, 2009


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Fifteen homeless people are getting hotel rooms for Christmas, thanks to a mystery donor who paid for the rooms.

Employees at the Express Inn in Colorado Springs say a woman paid $640 Tuesday for four rooms for a week. She insisted the rooms be given to homeless men and women camping along Fountain Creek.

She gave the name “Linda Craft,” but the Gazette newspaper could not find anyone by that name. She said God told her to buy the rooms.

Homeless Dead

Not Forgotten

Not forgotten: Salvation Army hosts memorial for area homeless who have died

by Kari Knutson

December 22, 2009

“Mark, age 19.” The name and age drew gasps when read Monday at the Salvation Army’s Candlelight Memorial to remember those in the La Crosse area who died while homeless or previously homeless.

Six other names were read and candles lit in their memory. An eighth was lit to honor the unknown who have died.

“Homelessness is much more prevalent in La Crosse than people think,” said Kathy Bolling, emergency homeless shelter case manager.


crossposted from DK. Comments might be of interest.


Yes, this is another great opportunity to express your opinions. What do you think about banning?

blog slam

and no, you don’t get to know who wrote it.

thank you.  I thought that you were sorry you’d asked me to weigh in over at DocuDharma, but I am gladdened that you used my phrase.  I was expecting to be flamed over at DocuDharma (a thousand worse things have happened to me in 46 years, so I don’t care), but then I saw that diary is a day old.  I am surprised at the Hallway-Monitor-Wannabees over at DK who are so conscientious about three paragraphs, as if the DK diary is some precious literary form, or political expression is imperfect unless shaped a certain way.  And then they’re talking about whether 1 per day requires a minimal separation, or whether you can cheat the Hallway Monitor by doing two diaries just moments apart, as long as you pay the price by waiting 23 hours before and after — utter nonsense.  Just craziness.

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