American Bread

“Gee Honey, this is scary!”


“Look at these hot dog rolls I forgot in the microwave!”

Yes we don’t use the microwave in the camper other than it being an overpriced bread box.  Low and behold the month old hot dog rolls looked just as fresh as the day they were bought.  Miracles of modern preservatives, or soylent green.

More Apocalypse News after the break.


Just completed the last blast of the summer.  The camper is back from the “secure” location which of course is turning out to be not so secure.  More on that later.  Ten minutes of surfing reveals several key websites taken down by “hackers”.  I also see the felonious health care debate is still being beaming into the minds of zombinals everwhere.  Great now a colonoscopy will not only be a clean out of your insides but it will be coupled with a financial colonoscopy as well.  Bet on it, as Arthur says.

Met with Ma’s financial planner.  So how did that go?  Well, left to the illustions of life my ideal financial plan is a David Koresh style survivalist compound at least 1500 feet above sea level.  Money in this case is not real money.  It is worthless pieces of paper saying Ma has money, down by 1/3 since the engineered financial crash.

So the planner asks me what the goal for the money is.

Hmmm….I’m thinking…do I want an AR15 or an AK-47, and will it be a nine millimeter or one of those 911 45s.…

See it’s not really my money, it is after all my mother’s money.  It is reserved of course for medical care, the nursing home and boxes of prescriptions every 80 year old lives on.  How in Hell though does one think about financial planning for the future when there is no future.  Well I went and had fun camping.  Max out those cards on whatever strikes your fancy.  If you want to get in line ask France about it.  You first France.…


  1. I think, food additives are allowed here.  We do remember the German bread would mold up overnight.  Tasted great though just like the beer.

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