Towards a More Tactical RV Escape Vehicle

But in event of “bug out” due to Unicorn Flu is your RV bug out ready?

This perhaps is more viable than echoing MSM talking points about shit that ain’t ever gonna get fixed.  Besides I need to get back to something constructive.

Most RVs are designed to go to the RV park and plug into their electric 120volt system. They’re an ideal solution to affordable holidaying, espeically if you get finance to break down the initial cost too. The camper however runs on 12 volts and as such use will drain the battery in one day.  There are two answers to this, both expensive.  Solar panels could cover the roof (entire roof BTW for real charging power of 10A) or a Honda 2000 generator.  Another must for two behind campers is wiring the seventh pin to the positive terminal of the truck battery with heavy #10 wire.  This ensures trailer battery charging while on the road.

Provisions for tapping the vehicle gas tank to fill the generator are being explored.  This is not a simple matter in newer fuel injected vehilces.  

With all of that done you may concentrate on lighting energy efficiency.  Since all of the lighting is 12 volt power drain is huge.  Five lights in my camper draw a full ten amps,unacceptable.  The water pump draws five.  Replacing the inefficient incandescent lighting does save adding two days between charging.

Two possibilities are LEDs and 12 volt flourescents.

LEDs though are still at the lower end in total light output.  OK for task lighting and flashlights but for total illumination go for a good ballast, not those cheap “glow stick” kind.…

Next up is water.  This year tests will focus on shallow well pumps similar to this one.…

Now once you have pumped water from the nearby stream how do you know it’s safe to drink?  There are ways.


Or perhaps the best option,far less expensive drinking water filtration units.


Happy survivalist camping!



  2. I had a 30′ Diesel RV with two 120 watt solar panels, and a propane generator.

    I added propane injection to the engine, which boosted fuel efficiency to almost 16/mpg, giving a huge range.

    Overall, it was expensive and a pain in the ass.  

    I don’t recommend it at all.

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