No Coverage of Cancun Mexico

More losses……


Is the current mainstream media endorsement of “Don’t Touch My Junk” a diversion/distraction/division psy-op to keep attention away from other Satanic memes of US law, social engineering and policy.


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  1. …”Don’t touch my junk” news.  Don’t scan it.  Don’t expose it.  Don’t touch it.  

  2. Afterall, there are no REAL important issues at stake right now.  What?  To extend Bush tax cuts to the upper 1% to 2%?  December 1st, the day Obama’s Debt Commission will announce, formally, it’s recommendations — cut Social Security, or better yet, dismantle it! And just a few things like that — no big deal!


    Re current media BS?  

    Another GOP push to turn TSA into private contractors?

    GOP Push to Shutter TSA Will Bring Blackwater Groping Goons –The Right rampages against airport pat-downs while supporting military tribunals, secret ‘National Security Courts,’ testimony admitted under torture, the USA ‘PATRIOT’ Act, and Bush/Obama’s illegal NSA wiretapping. By Lori Price, 21 Nov 2010

    . . . . Amid airport-security backlash, a push to privatize pat-downs 19 Nov 2010 U.S. air travellers continue to push back against “nude” scanners and “enhanced” pat-downs. They’ve settled on their villain: the Transportation Security Administration. The TSA sets the rules. They also staff the vast majority of the checkpoints. High-profile Florida Congressman John Mica wants to change one of those things. He’ behind a push to kick most TSA staffers out of Orlando’s Sanford International Airport and replace them with private security contractors.

    Ah, then came the dawn. This Drudge-born populist revolt could be seen marching down Broadway from a mile away. The corporate-owned media is pushing pat-down outrage 24/7 while remaining silent on USA ‘PATRIOT’ Act excesses, Bush/Obama illegal NSA wiretapping, and the quest for secret ‘National Security Courts.’ In the same week the US rightwing clamored for an invocation of civil rights, the same bloggers, pundits and office-holders were defending –nay, demanding — military tribunals to replace civilian courts and insisting that testimony in such kangaroo courts military tribunals should be admitted under torture. This hypocritical outrage harkens to the summer of 2009, with armed Tea Party protesters yelping ‘hands of my Medicare’ while simultaneously decrying Obama’s push for ‘socialized medicine.’

    GOP congressmen, acting at the behest of their Wall Street paymasters, are calling for privatization of airport security. Under a privatized airport ‘security’ world, Blackwater/Xe’s former waterboarders and their ilk would face NO regulation. The rule of law did not constrain mercenary interrogation teams in Abu Ghraib, Bagram, and elsewhere. Such mercenaries were given a free hand to carry out ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ aka waterboarding, and other acts of torture. Of course, contractors will not be waterboarding people at the airport, but their over-priced pseudo-security processes will face little, if any, scrutiny. The cost of contractor-based security will bloat and skyrocket, and there will be an absence of regulation to constrain Blackwater’s groping goons and DynCorp’s predators. . . . .

    Worth reading all!

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