Associated Press Mentions Bilderburg!!!!

Yet that selective selectiveness that is US commercial lamestream/propaganda media will give you something else like Farrah Fawcet or Octomom.

The verdict is in.

Short depression, 14% official unemployment,25% real unemployment

This leads to globalized banking to “manage” the situation.

Second major agenda, surprise surprise, is a global health ministry with a real agenda not related to health but eugenics.  

Right wing protesters…

Communist protesters…

Yada,yada ya.  Yeah I know positively the above named website has the credibility of World Net Daily but as the credibility of EVERYTHING steadily declines I would like to offer the keyword Unicorn Flu to the international community to describe the phenomena of Big Pharma companies sending out contaminated batches of vaccines.…

Note here my efforts to NOT link to an OBVIOUSLY tin foil “news site”.

Last up Vancouver knows how to harrass Karl Rove, really.


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  1. been able to do the damage they did if people had the internet back then?

  2. Have you been following Charlie Skelton’s Bilderberg files at The Guardian over the past week or so?

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