Grand Finale

I know it’s Faux, so I know they are the “enemy”.  Let me ask you this though.

Do you read the end user license agreements when installing software or do you just click “Yes I accept”.

In my home state, Massachusetts the kill ratio will be high.  All is well in suburbia and the supermarkets are still open.  I have a choice of either Walgreens or CVS for 24/7 access to 27 brands of nasal spray.  The premier blue political board has troll rated my flu comments into oblivion and I await the insta-ban of dailykos fame.

The Fox doctor speaks of thimerosal which is a compound of mercury.  In my industrial career I have gone from sweeping up pools of it from the floor to only being able to handle mercury in a contained air handling unit.  I have “played with” just about every element in the chemical periodic table and compounds thereof.  Many of the material safety data sheets do state “toxicity is unknown”.

More than this though I back the truck way up and look from a very distant point as to what lamestream media pushes daily.  It is going to be like the Fourth of July fireworks Grand Finale.  That rapid fire blast of bullshit.

What was it this morning, Iran, nukes, yes totally secret Iraninan nukes.  No mention of the Gestapo at the G20 in Pittsburgh.  Obamacare or 1 year in jail and a $25,000 fine?  Why not just go back to public flogging.

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