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Fox and Rachel Maddow just covered my article! WOW!

From Daily Kos, courtesy of Kossack AnotherMassachussetsLiberal HOLY CRAP! Ministry of Truth’s diary made Fox News and TRMS!

    Yell Louder just got NATIONAL COVERAGE!


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   I would like to raise a toast to the Docudharma. Let’s hope for MORE and BETTER stuff like this in the future!


Third Ways

So, this is likely to be a little bit “stream of consciousness” in delivery, sorry, welcome to my brain. heh.

Yesterday was interesting day, and yes, I am referring to some diaries and commentary over at l’orange. In particular, of course, was buhdydharma’s clarion call (now up to 764 comments) and later in the evening, y’got a good dose of teh funny but true from Shizzle (only 478 comments in that one), addressing the recent ramped up flame wars between “Pragmatics” and “Idealists”.

I happen to think that whole Pragmatist v. Idealist frame-up is a crock of shit. Myself, I am clearly in the Idealist camp, but I’m enough of a Pragmatist to know that I don’t even bother trying to persuade or convince or rally the… pragmatists to our side. Can’t explain that very well. It has very little to do with me being pragmatic and everything to do with me being very thin-skinned chickenshit. lol.

So… what about us subversives, huh?

I came, I saw, I YELLED LOUDER! My full interview on Air America inside

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Hello, my dearest Dharma Bums. My name is Jesse LaGreca.

and I have ridden the mighty moon worm that is American talk radio

and let me tell you, Rush Limbo, Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs really suck at their jobs. Either they suck at their jobs or they work very, very hard at sucking as much as they do.

Well, let me just say, on behalf of Progressives and Liberals everywhere that I came, I saw, and I YELLED LOUDER.

    You can listen to the entire broadcast here

More below the fold

Live Blogging YELLING LOUDER on Air America

    Good evening, my fellow dharma bums. My name is Jesse LaGreca, and I hope you enjoy my first interview on Air America Radio.

You can listen in on your computer by clicking here at airamerica.com/listen

Or you can find out which radio station in your area broadcasts AirAmerica by clicking here

    It’s midnight Friday Night or Saturday Morning here on the east coast, We’ll be discussing progressive politics, President Obama, the important roll bloggers have in American Politics, and YELLING LOUDER with Nicole Sandler for the next hour, and I’ll be live blogging it here at Docudharma during the commercial breaks.

Time to kick ass.

Wish me luck.

Yelling Louder WORKS! Senator Bennet’s and Mark Udall’s response to activism at work!

Earlier today wrote a diary about how the Bloomfield, Colorado Democratic party got up and Yelled Louder at their Senators and Representative.

    Well, I have now received my SECOND response from the Congressmen in question, first from Congressmen Jared Polis (D-CO7)

, and now from Senator Bennet staff. Looks like Senator Bennet (D-CO) has gone public with his support of a Public Option.

Check it out here.

Michael Bennet supports a public option

This morning we released a video outlining Michael Bennet’s support for a public option.  I’ve embedded it here.  Watch it to hear Michael express his support for a public option in his own words.

During this work period, Michael has been traveling all across Colorado discussing the urgent need to reform our broken health care system.  He’s held town halls and discussions in Aurora, Durango, Edwards, Frisco, Grand Junction, Highlands Ranch, Ouray and Telluride.  Videos of these discussions can be viewed at http://BennetForColorado.com/…

Any health care reform bill should control costs, allow people to keep their own medical plan and their own doctor, increase competition, and increase coverage — all in a fiscally responsible way. Providing patients with a public insurance option — that increases competition and drives down prices — would help to achieve these goals.

Pledge your support for health care reform by visiting



New Media Director

Bennet for Colorado

Bennet for Colorado

    If I get a response from Senator Mark Udall from Colorado that will make it 3 for 3!

    Anyone who needed proof that Yelling Louder WORKS need look no further.

    So, as our fearless leader Buhdydharma encourages us to do, STAND THE FUCK UP and YELL LOUDER!

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    Keep yelling, who knows who might here you annd what will happen!


We WILL get a Public Option! Co-Op Kabuki Exposed! But it only works if you YELL LOUDER!

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    I am beginning to believe that President Obama has this figured out, and that we WILL get HCR and a Public Option.

    Why do I believe this? Let me explain.

    But first you have got to FIGHT, DAMMIT ROCKY!

    So here is some inspirational music to inspire Hope, and while you get riled up let me take you below the fold and reveal the genius of 9-sided chinese chess, exposed.

Keith Olberman YELLS LOUDER in the Class War!! FIght Back!!!

Though Keith Olberman’s performance here on the matter of Corporate greed and sold out politicians has already been covered here at DD by our own talented author Edger, I thought it was imporatant enough to repeat with video and my own take on the matter.

    In comparing the current state of Corporate America to that of the early 1910’s-20’s Keith is dead on. Not since then has the class war been so obvious, never have the Have’s had so much, never have the Have Nots had so little.

Yell Louder, Mr. President!

Now this is what I’ve been waiting for!

Follow his words!


And about time,too.


For Buhdy

Sometimes I forget what’s important.  I forget that the world is made of love.  I forget it. That’s human.  I do it.  My consciousness springs a leak and I forget.  Ut oh.  I do it frequently. And then, after a while, something happens to remind me, gently I hope, sometimes with ferocity, of what’s important, that the world is made of love.  I then hold the realization like a glistening diamond for a second, or a minute, or an hour.  I’m delighted, amazed, I’m filled with joy.  And then, too soon, too soon, I lose it again, forget it, cannot remember where I put it.  It’s gone.  Where’d it go?  I know I had it, I remember what it looked and felt like, but, alas, it’s gone.  I know it’s gone.  I admit it.  I’m sad.  I wish it were here.  I’m afraid it won’t return.  Despair is coming.  And then, maybe, in the sound of the wind or the song of a bird or a dream, I hear it again, a hint, a reminder, an echo.  There it is.  It’s in me, it’s in all of us.  We’re all made of it.  It’s a world of love.  Everything is made of it.  We’re all connected, we’re all in everything else.  And then, poof, it vanishes again.  Where is it?  Sometimes it stays gone for a long, long time.  Sometimes not. And then, isn’t it wonderful? it returns.  And when it returns, when the joy and ecstasy and unity and wonder and love and abundance and bliss return there’s only one thing to do.

Here is an example of the one thing to do:

There are, of course, other things to do also.  There are as many things to do as there are people.  There are 6 billion things to do.  I like celebrations and ceremonies and drumming and dancing and chanting.  Why?  Because it’s the love we’re made of that’s most important and all of that expresses bhakti.  And, yes, there are 6 billion other expressions of it.

May your world, and all of our worlds be filled with abundant love.  And may we all celebrate it, each in our own chosen way, in bliss.

Dear Senators, you F$%@ with the bull, you get the horns

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    All of these Senators are Arlen Specter.

    Progressives should remember well the lessons we have learned through Arlen Specter in the last few months.

    That lesson seems to be.

    A. Politicians care about nothing more than staying in power and gaining power.

    B. A Politician that fears losing their seat will do anything to prevent it.

    C. If they don’t fear you, they will not respect you.

    D. Bi-Partisanship = Cow Pie

    Specter, the agile old lizard that he is, seems to only have one skill, which is judging the wind in Washington. Many other Senators do not have this skill. There careers will be much shorter than his because of it.

    These Senators do not realize, or do not care, that average Americans are fucking dying out there do to lack of health care coverage, whether it is preventative or emergency.

    And now they are compromising with “NO!”

    Well, good Senator, there is a phrase I would like to reacquaint you with.

   “If you fuck with the bull, you get the horns.”

    Now, on to the show.

So. How does this grab ya? w poll

so. I am thinking of this… “yelling louder.”  My hub is the musician, not me but…  maybe there’s some metaphor… can we not just increase the volume (“yell louder”)  but also adjust the balance, the bass/treble, the equalizer (ha)? So I have this one little idea that has been hatching for a while now, but it is still embryonic. Im asking for your input & feedback, and also I am not a lone wolf type at all, I prefer  team style…. I don’t have “ego” in this (much),  please feel free to tell me it just sucks…lol.

My proposal is basically this:

A new weekly series (yes at the orange) to follow (piggyback) the Valtin Crew’s  new Sunday Round Up Series…. Mine to be an ACTION Diary (sorta).