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Rant of the Week: Keith Olbermann – After Trump’s Pardon Orgy, we need a Special Counsel to prosecute them all.

Our angry friend Keith Olbermann has something to say about the Squatter’s pardon spree. I revere Joe Biden. I admire his call for healing. I applaud his desire to keep The White House out of the Justice Department. But after this second night of Trump’s orgy of pardons and commutations, can there be any doubt …

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Scandal v SCANDAL

We are now six weeks from the end of the silly season known as the 2016 Presidential Election, an election that even the most seasoned politicians and pundits say they have never seen this absurd. Both candidates have a “likability” and credibility problem with the public and each of them has their share of scandals. …

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Keith Olberman NFL’s Insufficient Punishment

Keith Olbermann Destroys The NFL Over Its Treatment Of Women

h/t John Amato, Crooks & Liars

Keeping The Door Open To Torture

Cross posted from The Stars Hollow Gazette

During his confirmation hearings to replace Leon Panetta as CIA director, General David Petraeus, the Nato commander in Afghanistan, told Senate Intelligence Committee that:

(Sen. Mark) Udall was clearly trying to get Petraeus to reiterate his opposition to torture – he read back several quotes Petraeus himself had given saying such techniques are immoral and when they’ve been used, they’ve “turned around and bitten us in the backside.” Udall asked, “do you see torture any differently in a CIA context than in a military context?”

But Petraeus instead pivoted to the TV-ready “ticking time bomb” scenario, and said torture might be justified if you have a “special situation” where an “individual in your hands who you know has placed a nuclear device under the Empire State Building. It goes off in 30 minutes, he has the codes to turn it off.” Then he urged legislators to consider crafting such an exception into the law:

I think that is a special case. I think there should be discussion of that by policymakers and by Congress. I think that it should be thought out ahead of time. There should be a process if indeed there is going to be something more than, again, the normal techniques employed in such a case. And again, I — I would certainly submit that that would be very helpful if that kind of debate could be held and if some resolution could be made as to what should be done in a case like that so that it is worked out ahead of time, rather than under an extraordinary sense of pressure in such a situation.

Torture is not a value that Americans have died for and it is beyond being stupid, it is illegal.

Popular Culture (Media) 20110617: I Quit, and an open Letter to Keith Olbermann

This may be a bit of an enigmatic title, so I shall explain posthaste.  I have quit listening to and watching the extreme right wing talkers.  I have monitored them for years, so you do not have to do so, but I finally just had enough, and could not take it any more.  There are a couple of reasons, but the largest one was that I was stupider after listening than before.

Ma always told me that after I read a book, listened to a radio program, or watched a TeeVee show to ask myself one question:  what have I learnt?  In the case of the radical, hate filled, ultra right wing talkers, NOTHING lately.  I learnt some time ago who they were and what they were preaching, and it is nothing but hatred and fear.  I guess that I was just listening more recently for how they would do it.

That is enough.  I am gone.  I quit listening to the drug addled and deafened Limbaugh some months ago because all he does is bellow.  More to follow.

Wendell Potter is the Daniel Ellsberg of the Health Insurance Industry

In their interview a few days ago on Keith Olberman’s show, Michael Moore called Wendell Potter the Daniel Ellsberg of the Health Care Insurance Industry and lauded him for his courage in standing up for the truth as a whistleblower and sacrificing his high paid job as a senior executive of Cigna Health Insurance.  There are several key moments in the interview:

I agree with Michael.  Wendell Potter is truly an American hero.

Breakfast of Champions, For Keith

11/6/10 GF Oats,Aloe,Guinness Stout,Zenyatta's breakfast

Bob’s Gluten Free Oats, Aloe Vera Juice, Guinness Stout beer. Breakfast of Champions, For Zenyatta,  November 5, 2010, Rachel Maddow Show.

Rachel is carefully holding the package of gluten free oats front label away from the camera, but patrons will recognize it anywhere.

Those just aren’t any oats. : )  

They were grown and certified to be free of wheat protein.

Good morning, and good luck.  

“”America Speaks to BP”” This Afternoon

Live streaming Q&A this afternoon

July 1, 2010

Ask BP Exec Bob Dudley Your Questions for a Live Interview Thursday

Keith Olberman YELLS LOUDER in the Class War!! FIght Back!!!

Though Keith Olberman’s performance here on the matter of Corporate greed and sold out politicians has already been covered here at DD by our own talented author Edger, I thought it was imporatant enough to repeat with video and my own take on the matter.

    In comparing the current state of Corporate America to that of the early 1910’s-20’s Keith is dead on. Not since then has the class war been so obvious, never have the Have’s had so much, never have the Have Nots had so little.