I came, I saw, I YELLED LOUDER! My full interview on Air America inside

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Hello, my dearest Dharma Bums. My name is Jesse LaGreca.

and I have ridden the mighty moon worm that is American talk radio

and let me tell you, Rush Limbo, Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs really suck at their jobs. Either they suck at their jobs or they work very, very hard at sucking as much as they do.

Well, let me just say, on behalf of Progressives and Liberals everywhere that I came, I saw, and I YELLED LOUDER.

    You can listen to the entire broadcast here

More below the fold

Yes’m, there is a new sherriff in town, and the wingnuts don’t like the look of him.

    And the wingnuts are probably dancing around a pile of burning books in D.C. right now, screaming about fascists and commies while they hanging in effigy the first black President in American history, all because Corporations told them to.

    It’s just pathetic.

    Nicole Sandler and I discussed the obvious racism on display in the Republican party and more on Air America Radio last night, and I’d love to hear your opinion on the interview in the comments below.

    My phone connection got screwed up in the first few minutes, but from there on in it went very well. The last moment cut off but I am sure there are more to come.

    The topics discussed range from the racism among elected Republicans and figures in the media, the VanJones/ColorofChange/Glenn “Obama is a racist” Beck, the corrput suckery that is the ConservaDems and Blue Dogs, the class war, health care reform and the public option, and the role progressives should play in the years going forward.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to the 40 minute interview. Nicole Sandler of Air America has invited me back again in the future, and I hope to take this further in the hopes of a continued progressive campaign of YELLING LOUDER!

Cheers to all, and thanks again to anyone who listened.

Peace Out, Y’all!!!!

Well, I’m not really going anywhere, but peace to all, just the same.


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  1. it works!

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  2. Jesse what?! You made that up, dintcha?!!! hahahahahaha

    I cant stand it but I have to wait to listen… too many distractions right this minit.

    40 minutes! dang!!!

  3. in all the excitement over the second fucking anniversary, buhdy has lost control of his pony-fier finger! 🙂

    • Heather on September 12, 2009 at 23:03

    I had to dig out Internet Explorer to get the link working.

    • Joy B. on September 12, 2009 at 23:12

    Love that name… married into the James family 40 years ago tomorrow. They tell me Frank claimed after moving back to the farm [1914] that he could ride out to Jesse’s at dusk and be there before daylight…

    Great job! Good on you and keep right on YELLING LOUDER!

  4. And seems like a good place to post the news that Angie Corio, who is running a hybrid radio show (no commercials)out of SF, and doing a damned incredible job of it, a live call in live blog show on a shoestring budget, with a few socially conscious corporate sponsors and a few of us) PULLED IT OFF last night and raised a tad over the $6000 she needed to keep the show uop and running! ($4000 was back money she owned to Green 960 (home to Thom Hartmann, Big Edddie, Randi, Stephanie, Malloy, Press and an occasional Ron Reagan fill in)…) Angie has been getting incredible guests on of late (shit she can call George Lakoff and get him like that of the phone and she has that old reporters manner of standing back and letting the 2 sides speak there piece. Great guests discuss the days news, big focus of course lately on healthcare, Edmonds, buying elections, teabaggers, Obama speech reactions,bab behaviour at town halls …. anyway, just wanted to point out (as i did on fb this am, god i hate that place, just recently joined) that the ACS predicts in 09 193,000 deaths from breast cancer in US. At least 20,000  march reguarly in each state for cure, collecting all sorts of swag from corporate sponsors. Meanwhile,  Clear Channel operates 800+ radio stations in 50 states, poisoning  the minds of 110+ million listeners . How can we active similar #s to walk, skate, bike, hang from teh GG Bridge, sift through garbage, feed homeless, and get sponsorships to raise money to buy out media owners? An end to gov’t mind control.  For now, just listen to Angie. Shes live coast to coast and she just damn rocks

  5. Great debut.

    Your media stardom awaits.

  6. Congrats MoT/Jesse.  Sorry I missed it and the live blog last night but I am listening to the webcast.  Good job!  I love how many times she said “docudharma” at the beginning.  Thanks for the great plug!  We had the highest traffic of the week yesterday, likely because of this.    

    Ride On!

  7. Im listening now, and Im only up to the first commercial break, but I am getting the biggest kick out this!

    You are AWESOME! Absolutely comfortable, like you’ve been doing this all your life (you have!) and very focused. This is great stuff. It ain’t maybelline, honey! 🙂

    Id think they would’ve told you in advance to not call from a cordless phone. hmmm. But… you didn’t miss a beat or let that trip you up one bit. Very pro.

    • TMC on September 13, 2009 at 03:01

    for someone who has never done radio. You have a great voice and you were on the mark with your points. I hope we hear you often. Congrats!

    • publicv on September 13, 2009 at 03:38

    do this often.  Liked the FOX segment.  did you hear the baldface lie Hannity told about the president saying the Health insurance corps are evil.  Yeah our IQs will increase sans FOX.

  8. move over Tom Hartman… Your good, no wonder I always read you and know that the truth is out there… Your one of the few blogger’s who seem able to not get lost in political fictions and positions that seems to hold the left in  perpetual checkmate. You also are the very definition of pragmatic and put to rest the axiom of the ‘enemy of the perfect’. You were great, I’ll vote for you….        

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