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so. I am thinking of this… “yelling louder.”  My hub is the musician, not me but…  maybe there’s some metaphor… can we not just increase the volume (“yell louder”)  but also adjust the balance, the bass/treble, the equalizer (ha)? So I have this one little idea that has been hatching for a while now, but it is still embryonic. Im asking for your input & feedback, and also I am not a lone wolf type at all, I prefer  team style…. I don’t have “ego” in this (much),  please feel free to tell me it just sucks…lol.

My proposal is basically this:

A new weekly series (yes at the orange) to follow (piggyback) the Valtin Crew’s  new Sunday Round Up Series…. Mine to be an ACTION Diary (sorta).

This would be (I wouldnt call it this for real! Im being tongue in cheek here) Torture Lite, ya know, cliff notes…  maybe Torture/Justice Action Notes? I don’t know what to call it yet.  Maybe Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday… The Dog is already doing a new Monday Letter campaign, so this could also link his and complement it or just merge with his even.

Placeholder…. It should serve a dual purpose as a placeholder for the future when things actually DO start to heat up. (Yes I said when not if). Because we know its gonna be a long haul.

So… I know, I know… if I suggest it that just means I’m volunteering to go on and do it ..haha ..thats fine, I want to, but I admit that I’m not quite “there” yet so if I do it,  I’d need help…if you even like the idea. I was joking w someone recently that I have not written anything more complex than a grocery list in several years. I’m  a bit rusty, d’oih.

Also… Im happy to take ownership of this and get it going but its part of my scheme to engage The Choir (you’ll see below) and invite people to take turns hosting it, participate, contribute.

Below I will outline some of my ideas for the structure and content of it. First let me address the why and the who behind this idea.

Valtin Crew (Valtin + MBlades + PDND)  just started their new Sunday series. You people frikkin ROCK and the faithful always read and comment enthusiastically, but… these d’s tend to be very heavy… they are GREAT, don’t get me wrong, but they are difficult reading (emotionally)  and deep.  I think of myself only a few weeks ago, I can’t really remember but I pretty sure I did not read those types of diaries in great depth until recently (6 weeks or so?)  Now I do of course but at first I didn’t…. too hard.

I want to do something that will reach out to the marginal folks, people like me where I was at two months ago.

Buhdy’s ds do a superb job of rabble rousing and you have a following to be sure … heh… I love to read the comments in all these d’s and there is a definite “Choir”. That is great too.

So… the stereo blend… I am thinking this…my… series to be more of… a teaser or something…  I am thinking of the people who…are  “low hanging fruit”?… either, okay…

#1 = they are really just too busy (mentally or literally), or caught up in the Crisis Du Jour (economy)… or

#2 = there are those who resist, its just too damn ugly (although they agree with us)

And I also want to appeal to #3 folks, which is what I call The Choir… they are active commenters and they WANT to, well, do something.  (includes/describes me too actually). Give them a voice.

Right at this time there really isn’t a whole helluva a lot to actually do, beyond sign DD petition and maybe write letters. These people need to engage, to feel “heard” and be involved. So my series idea has a few things built into it that try to address or accommodate that. Inviting them to co-host is a big one.

So. There are the goals….

Keep/increase visibility of the issue overall;

Make a placeholder for a future ACTION spot;

Entice marginal folks to jump in;

Engage The Choir folks and give them a way to contribute;

Give Lady Lib something to do, focus, and be productive. !

So here’s the concept for the format…


# a STATEMENT that exemplifies or highlights the whole motive…. maybe a Quote of the Week.

# Also, maybe  a select  “Top Comment”  from a valtin or budhy rec list Diary commenter (from The Choir folk who don’t do their own d’s on the subject, there are many).

# LINK to the SundayNight Valtin Series


# days since Exec Order signed to close gitmo = xyz

# detainees released since that date? = xyz

# total in gitmo; # released; # indicted charged convicted… you get my drift


*Torture Diary Rescues (just this past week) (from The Choir if any)

*Media Pick of the week…i.e. maybe a Turley on Maddow video clip… etc … or maybe just a song or something, idk, something in the pop culture kind of realm, Im iffy on this one.

*Detainee Spotlight i.e. humanize the victims, make them real, along the lines, psychic-ly, of the IGTNT d’s (need link)

**Website of the Week… a different one each week, from (obvious ones like) ACLU to (more obscure) xxx, full range (plenty to choose from) i.e.

Religious campaign against torture…

**Resource / reference of the week spotlight i.e emptywheels’ timeline link


(something factual, not so much OpEd or Analysis)



. Sign the DD Petition

.ACTION Alerts, urgent

.ACTION any time choices, suggestions

.Join the FB group

.LINK to Dog’s Monday’s Letter Campaign d’s

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  2. there are so many people who are now writing anti-torture diaries, the numbers seem to increase each week, so a round up section is great.

    and this could become quite a useful tool for implementing take action items.

    let me know if i can help in any way. 🙂

    • Valtin on March 31, 2009 at 1:45 am

    I like the format, as you’ve laid it out. We need great creative ideas, such as yours, so that the issue can continue to expand and gain new supporters and activists.

    Go for it, Lady Libertine! I’m sure many of us would be willing to assist, answer questions, etc., as we have time and are able.

    I like the whole [blank] of the Week kind of feature. For instance, there are tons of websites that really do great work and don’t get the kind of attention they deserve.

    Please let me know when this is ready for launch, too, so I can try and be there. There’s gaps of time when I’m just not on the net, occasionally even a day or two. Mail me at sfpsych at

  3. I read it last night, but didn’t entirely digest it.  I’ve just read it again carefully, and, I, too, along with Patriot Daily and Valtin, think it’s a very good idea and a good format — lotsa’ different sub-entries on the same “theme” — good and would hold interest.

    It would be and is a pretty extensive effort and truly would require “input” from a lot of sources, I think!

    I particularly like the idea of trying to reach out to “marginal folks,” as you say, on this issue.  Awareness is the “key” to “understanding” and, hopefully, “action.”  We are slowly, but surely, getting the message out there on the web — more and more people ARE becoming aware of what has been done in our names over the past eight years plus — we need to keep that drum beating continuously.  But, there is a segment of the population that may be missing from this scenario and that would be those who, perhaps, have no computers, or are computer illiterate.  How do you reach those people?  Yes, there are ways!  And, as always, everything is an “educative process,” without it, how do you gain any kind of support or even, empathy?

    And, yes, there will be that segment of a population that would rather hide their heads in the sand like ostriches, rather than face the truth of what we, Americans, have done to other human beings.  There is that element which will never go away — those such individuals have not, nor will they ever be able to confront the realities of what we have done, and, most probably, cannot even confront their own personal situations with any more fortitude!

    I listened to an NPR program not long ago, Eugene Jarecki*, a director and playwright, who spoke extensively on how he understood Americans were “very tired” people, but if they could just accustom themselves to devoting at least one hour a day to trying to update themselves, via reliable sources, on what’s going on with our government and the world!  (There is no way to quibble that “Americans are very tired!”  understatement!)

    In a final thought, as least for right now, over time (although I am not quite as disciplined at it as before) I found that creating an “outline” before even writing is a very good way to approach most anything.  

    O.K., I’m going to quit for right now.  

    If I can help in whatever way, let me know — here!  (Or, if there is a need for e-mails, that’s O.K., too!)

    As you may have gathered, this is in response to your request/thoughts today! 😉

    *I cannot find the link readily without spending some time, as it is a few weeks plus older!

  4. and kind encouragements carry a lot of weight with me.

    My creative juices are starting to really flow on this, so I will get busy with a bit more refinery manana.  Thanks again. I’ll be in touch.

  5. I think a clearing house is a great place to get it all organized! I would suggest that you might want to put it up on a Thursday, kind of in the middle of the afternoon (if that works for you, of course) that will let you catch those that access at work, but it won’t fall off so fast that those who access at home in the evening will miss it.

    It is pretty hard to get in the groove of writing a regular series, so don’t let it get you down. The best advice is don’t try to make everyone a Pulitzer Prize winner, a really important success factor will be having something consistently there so people start to treat it as a resource.

    If I can help in any way, please contact me at my public e-mail, you can find it in my profile.

    Oh! And congratulations on moving from passive concern to working actively for change. It is a transition that not everyone makes so pat yourself on the back a little!  

  6. is grrrrreat. Maybe I should see if I can launch this TODAY! ha ha. Okay but maybe Thursday April 2… just so I can plug this clip …wow.

    “Bush officials should expect Spanish inquisition” is the clip’s title.

  7. Torture: Justice:: Are We There Yet?

    Ive been working on it, I may just decide to launch this week (Thursday)…

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