Keith Olberman YELLS LOUDER in the Class War!! FIght Back!!!

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Though Keith Olberman’s performance here on the matter of Corporate greed and sold out politicians has already been covered here at DD by our own talented author Edger, I thought it was imporatant enough to repeat with video and my own take on the matter.

    In comparing the current state of Corporate America to that of the early 1910’s-20’s Keith is dead on. Not since then has the class war been so obvious, never have the Have’s had so much, never have the Have Nots had so little.

     The triangle shirt company factory is modern Corporate America. It is Mountain Top Removal coal mining, it is the banks, it is the health insurers and every other Corporate interest that puts profits over people, even when those people may have to pay for those profits with their lives.

   We rarely see a member of the punditocracy mention the special interests and their ownership of the political class. Still more rare is the mention of the Iron Triangle that exists between business and government and the lobbyists who bind them. ANd even more rare is it when they identify the problem is not of one party or the other, but the whole system.

   And it is not just health care reform. It is every problem. It is systemic, but that system of control is falling down. The Matrix is breaking apart, little by little, as a mountain slowly is beaten by the wind, we on the progressive left are moving MOUNTAINS.

   In this act, Keith has thrown down the gauntlet. We must be the ones who pick it up, and raise the banner in We The People against They the Corporations who wish to profit off of suffering and inequity no matter the cost.

    The Republican party is wholly owned, a subsidiary of Corporate America. So muuch for the Republican party.

    But, so are many Democrats. As Keith so aptly states,

    Sell out



    Paid spokesman

    Carnival barker


    No, the Democrats are not wholly owned. Hundreds of Democrats have taken campaign money from the (MurderBySpreadsheet) industry without having handed over their souls as receipts. But, convieniantly the ones who are owned have made themselves easy to spot in a crowd. they call themselves Blue Dogs.

   The GOP, the Blue Dogs, The ConservaDems, and many Dems have their tainted money, if not on this issue than on others. Yet still the system is breaking down.

   And we and others like us are slowly wearing it away. And we will be the ones to build the new system when it does.

   Keith Olberman may not be ever one’s favorite spokesperson. He may not speak the way you would but Godsdamnit he is speaking, he is yelling out, and we should support him and Yell that much Louder to support him and other Progressives.


   Because no one else out there is saying this.

   Baucus, McConnell, McCain, Ross, Dem, Republican. These names are useless. Tools. Sell outs. Corporatists. These names are more appropriate.

    They would kill you for that extra hour of profit.

    President Lincoln did not promise that this nation shall have a death of freedom, and a Government of the Corporation, by the Corporation and for the Corporation that shall not perish from the earth.

   Cross us all at your peril, indeed.

   Now more than ever, we as Progressives must follow the lead of intrepid spoke people like Keith Olbermann and Cenk Uygar, and our own Buhdydharma and other very talented writers who I could not begin to name all at once. Now is the time. The tides have changed. Let your voice be heard. Listen to my pony, he says:

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    It is time. We CAN make a difference. In many ways, we already have.

    I am often saddened that many here have lost hope. I am no fool. Hardly do I expect real change to happen in one day, or one month, or even in one year. Neither do I have infinite patience. But change is coming. That is undeniable. It may not be as fast as you would like, only revolution would give us that, and I do not want a revolution of haste because it would be violent. I want the revolution of time, of minds and of a lasting change. That is not something they can sell you. That is not something they can give you. YOU have to go and get it yourself.

   You are getting that change, slowly may e, but you are getting it. You get it when you share your ideas. You get it when you talk, or write, or through your own deeds and your own examples.

   Many here throught America seem to have lost that hope. I never bought into hope as a slogan. I bought into it as a fact. I hope change will come, and I will not wait for someone to go get it for me and bring it to me on a silver platter. I never had a silver spoon. I do not know what to do with a silver platter.

   I will get that change,and so will yto, because we work for it everyday. When we talk, when we write, when we have ideas and share them and develope them in the Darwinian experiment that is public discourse we get closer to that change everyday. That is what gives me hope. Not Obama, not the Democrats, you, you give me that hope, I noble reader. I. I give myself that hope, by hoping, and daring, and dreaming.

  Dream on.

  Sing with me.

  Call it Yelling Louder. Call it singing. Call it dreaming. Call it hope.

  Isn’t that the way?

  I know nobody knows where it comes and where it goes.

  But don’t give up on hope. Don’t give up on dreams.

  I dare you to hope, to dream, and to sing with me.

   Just for today.

   And let everyday be your today.

   Sing with me


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  1. or Yell Louder, or Dream on, or just have hope.

    But whatever you do, never tommorow, never lose hope, never surrender.

    You ARE making a difference, even if you think you are not.


    Thank you, Tom Tomorrow.

    • Joy B. on August 4, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    And things WILL change. They’re changing as we speak. No one can stop it.

    But I also know that the changes coming are not something we can control any more than Goldman-Sachs can. They’ve more power than we do to ignore it as long as physically possible, and deny it all the way to the grave, but change will come anyway. Time itself is a process of change. One can always HOPE the changes bring something better, but I sure wouldn’t put any hard-earned money on it. All my hard-earned money is spent on necessities of life before I ever see it, so gambling isn’t a pastime I can afford.

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