Dear Senators, you F$%@ with the bull, you get the horns

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    All of these Senators are Arlen Specter.

    Progressives should remember well the lessons we have learned through Arlen Specter in the last few months.

    That lesson seems to be.

    A. Politicians care about nothing more than staying in power and gaining power.

    B. A Politician that fears losing their seat will do anything to prevent it.

    C. If they don’t fear you, they will not respect you.

    D. Bi-Partisanship = Cow Pie

    Specter, the agile old lizard that he is, seems to only have one skill, which is judging the wind in Washington. Many other Senators do not have this skill. There careers will be much shorter than his because of it.

    These Senators do not realize, or do not care, that average Americans are fucking dying out there do to lack of health care coverage, whether it is preventative or emergency.

    And now they are compromising with “NO!”

    Well, good Senator, there is a phrase I would like to reacquaint you with.

   “If you fuck with the bull, you get the horns.”

    Now, on to the show.

First of all    

     I would refer you to the diaries by slinkerwink and nyceve at, and I would encourage you to rec these diaries for others to see. Within these diaries you can find all the contact information you could ever wish for. Use it. I would also encourage you to write, call and make noise with the political arm of the Status quo as much as you can.

    This is all part of Yelling Louder as an effective tool in Democracy.

     Dear Mr/Madam Senator,

     We know you could get the votes for a Robust Public Option.

     As a collective body, The Senate managed to get the votes to pass authorization for war with Iraq.

     The Senate has passed FISA, the Patriot Act, The Bush bailout with Zero oversight.

     All those bills had little to no public support.

     A ROBUST PUBLIC OPTION is supported by 70% of the public.

     Your re-election does not have that kind of broad support.

     Keep this in mind

     We know you have the votes, and we know the money to fund a Robust Public Option is there.

     We just saw you write the blank check to Wall St, remember.

     If there is no robust public option there is no reform.

     Bi-Partisanship with the Party of “NO!” = FAIL.

     I mean, you aren’t even trying to fake not being bought anymore? What gives?

     Oh yeah, the lobbyists!

     Well, the jig is up

     If you do not fully and loudly support a Robust Public Option in Health Care Reform, we will make sure you do not remain in public office any longer.

     If you fight for Special Interests over the interests of We The People, you will regret it at the ballot box, that is certain.

     Witness your colleague Joe Lieberman.

     You are not Too Big To Fail.

     If you screw with us on this, or any other matter that has the overwhelming support of your constituency.

     I will never vote for you again

     I will never contribute to your campaigns again

     I will never volunteer to get out the vote for you, or phone bank, or any other assistance you may ever need.

     I will fight to unseat you through tough primaries.

     I will phone bank for your Primary opponents and donate against you through ActBlue and other means.

     I will actively discourage other voters from working or voting for you.

     I will guarantee your failure.

     And there are thousands and thousands of others like me who will do the same.

     It is getting pretty hard to fake helplessness nowadays, isn’t it, Senator? Now that there is no big mean Republican majority for you to kow-tow to, it looks like there is no one left to blame but yourselves.

     There is no more President Bush for you to blame, no unfair minority status to use as a wedge or an excuse.

     If the Senate hands the President a bullshit bill full of Co-ops, triggers and other bells and whistles, we will lay the blame at your feet, and the Democratic base will rise against you with furious anger and righteous that we may strike you down. (Electorally)

    You have been put on notice.

    If you f%#$ with the bull, you get the horns.


We The People

     This is my letter to the Lizard People masquerading as Representatives of the People in the grand kabuki theatre we call Washington.

     If you would like to contact your Congressional Overlord, please use the information in slinkerwink‘s diaries, and continue to rec up diaries that call on action, such as e-mailing, writing letters, calling, phonebanking and other effective tools to raise public awareness on these important issues.

    Yell Louder. Until they can no longer ignore us.



  1. They are all Arlen Specter

    Why is it necessary to yell at these bastards?

    Take it from the mouth of one of the worst people ever.

    He should know

  2. First are the common people, particularly those who haven’t fallen under the spell cast by the Corporate News Media.  Willful failure to act on behalf of the people can result in dire consequences…that is, provided that the people have the opportunity to vote for someone who truly represents their interests.  The “elected” officials don’t care if their popularity is 1%, provided that their opponent polls even lower.  In most area of the country, with rare exceptions, the Big Money interests pre-select the top two candidates, one of whom will be elected to office.  Either way, they win.

    The second, and exponentially more powerful, constituency consists of the Big Money interests in this country.  This is the source of financing that seems critical for any successful run for office, monies that could very quickly revert to an opponent should that official disappoint their benefactors.  Those who play ball are afforded expensive, luxurious corporate-paid junkets, lucrative jobs for relatives and friends, in most cases longevity in office that rivals that of Federal judges, and should the official tire of life as a politician, seven figure jobs await them plying their trade on K Street and/or corporate boards.

    Those who don’t play the corporate game forgo all these perks and cannot survive in office unless they are extremely popular with their electorate and reside in a “safe” district.  Fortunately for the Big Money interests, those who fall within the latter category are sufficient in number to create a false sense that various political interests are represented in our nation’s capital, however, these outliers do not exist in sufficient numbers to exert any meaningful impact upon the legislation that passes through the bowels of Congress.

    There are two sets of polls that “elected” officials in Foggy Bottom consider:  the published polls that to varying degrees reflect the will of the people, and the unpublished polls, those that will never see the light of day, that reflect the will of their corporate slave masters.  One can readily conclude the two are oftentimes inversely related.  

    We face exceedingly long odds in terms of effecting meaningful change.  What we are faced with is akin to that of an accused outsider in a small Southern town where the sheriff, jailer, defense attorney, prosecuting attorney and judge all belong to the same family that has been established in the community for many generations.  

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini

    I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations. — James Madison

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