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Wistful Friday Evening. The First Anniversary Since the Divorce 20100618

No popular culture post tonight, or anything resembling it.  I will come back at this time next week for the installment about Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.  I just did not feel like writing about them for tonight.

Due to the results of my actions, which I will not address here (I have covered them in detail over the past several years), the former Mrs. Translator and I are no longer married.  No fault belongs to her; the fault is all mine.  That is not the point of this post.

Every Woman; Elizabeth Edwards

GMA – Elizabeth Edwards on Oprah

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.  BeThink.org

She is an eloquent speaker, an expressive author.  Elizabeth Edwards is effervescent, effusive, and has an excellent mind.  She understands profound policy issues as easily as she prepares a sandwich.   Her memoir appeared on The New York Times bestseller list.  Few think of Elizabeth Edwards as every woman.  Other daughters of Eve might say Edwards is exceptional; surely, she is not as I am.  Yet, life experiences might have taught Elizabeth Edwards otherwise.  Just as other ladies, she is brilliant, beautiful, and not nearly equal to a man.

Now Friday is Not the Day 20090924

What is it with the attorneys?  It was supposed to happen a few weeks ago, but the papers were not in order.

I tried to send them, but the attorney never sent the blank ones for me to sign, and have notarized, until I reminded him.

No Divorce Today 20090916

Today was the court date for the hearing regarding the divorce.  All details have been covered, the property, the money, the retirement, ad infinitum.

Mrs. Translator took a big chunk of her morning to appear before the judge, costing her leave time and the extra money that she makes for running the early morning detention hall at her school.  I did my part (although I did not have to appear, since I contested nothing) by signing, having notarized, and mailing back critical documents the same day that I received them without fail.

Not any energy to say anything any more

10:00 Eastern time is the end.  I likely will not be here any more.

Warmest regards,


Well, Wednesday is the Day to begin the First of the Last 20090910

Well, I found out tonight that the papers that I signed and had notarized last week made their way back to the soon to be the former Mrs. Translator’s attorney.  Everything seems to be in order, and unless the judge finds something wrong, it will be final next Wednesday.

Thus ends 32 years of marriage, and 34 years of infatuation.  But it was always more than infatuation.  Certainly there was a definite bit of sexual attraction at first, because she was (and is) so very beautiful, but there was always more.

The Final Papers Came Today 20090901

The final draft of the papers came this evening.  I inspected them, then printed them to carry to the bank where I do business to get the notary seal on them.  Then I will go back to the house and scan my signed copy to keep a record of it.

Then off the the Post Office, to send my signed and notarized set back the the attorney.  I am told that in a week or two everything will be dissolved.

So Sad about Us 20090730

Some of you know that Mrs. Translator and I are in the process of a divorce.  It is not a happy time for either of us.

Fortunately, neither of us have any animostiy, at least overt, towards the other.  But that does not mean that it is not a sad event in our lives.

Last June, we “celebrated”, to use a word out of context, our 32nd wedding anniversary.  But things had not been right for a long time.

Horrible Day, Perhaps my Worst Ever 20090717. Updated

Mrs. Translator called this morning to get the divorce documents in order.  I guess that I knew that they were coming, but talk about a wrecking ball in the gut!

I have not been a very good husband the past few years.  We celebrated our 32nd anniversary long distance this past June (and yes, I did send flowers), but things are not quite right.  

Learn From My Mistakes My Sorrow

It’s been nearly a year since I have been blogging here regularly. For those of you that know me, and those just meeting me, last summer my husband and I decided to sent me off to Italy to find a country house we could live in during the summer months. We were advised to do this because I have Acute PTSD from a highly traumatic near fatal car accident 3 years ago and my doctors have all prescribed a less stress filled life as the best medicine to recovery (along with therapy). I went. Found us a home. Came back. And while showing pictures of what I found was handed a formal agreement to dissolve our marriage. The trip to Italy was a sham, a way to get me out of town so that he could reorganize his life with me not a part of it. But it gets much worse.