Tag: Heartbreak

not again

I was hoping this would get better. I was hoping for some kind of help or improvement.

This went on for years.

Tonight, I gave up for the last time.

This isn’t some kind of prima donna histrionics.

This is just a final failure of trust.

This is a kind of death. I can’t trust him any more. It’s gone on too long.

And here’s the poem. It’s just history now.

But it’s a good poem. I like this poem. I can find some love in it. But, oh, god. Why do people have to give up on each other? Why is love so often considered irrelevant?

I HATE having to do this, but it’s on the plate.  

No Divorce Today 20090916

Today was the court date for the hearing regarding the divorce.  All details have been covered, the property, the money, the retirement, ad infinitum.

Mrs. Translator took a big chunk of her morning to appear before the judge, costing her leave time and the extra money that she makes for running the early morning detention hall at her school.  I did my part (although I did not have to appear, since I contested nothing) by signing, having notarized, and mailing back critical documents the same day that I received them without fail.

Horrible Day, Perhaps my Worst Ever 20090717. Updated

Mrs. Translator called this morning to get the divorce documents in order.  I guess that I knew that they were coming, but talk about a wrecking ball in the gut!

I have not been a very good husband the past few years.  We celebrated our 32nd anniversary long distance this past June (and yes, I did send flowers), but things are not quite right.