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The Final Papers Came Today 20090901

The final draft of the papers came this evening.  I inspected them, then printed them to carry to the bank where I do business to get the notary seal on them.  Then I will go back to the house and scan my signed copy to keep a record of it.

Then off the the Post Office, to send my signed and notarized set back the the attorney.  I am told that in a week or two everything will be dissolved.

Remembering the Good Times

Emotions are wreaking havoc now that the divorce papers are days away from being final.  I look back to one of our camping trips.  We backpacked into the Upper Buffalo Wilderness Area many years ago, before Eldest Son was conceived.

It was over spring break, and it was warm enough.  Cuddles, Mrs. Translator’s dog, was a very nice little dog, a cockapoo.  She had a wonderful personality, and loved to hike with us.