Pony Party: Frittata

A drive-by pony party tonight, I’m afraid: I can get the “new” computer next week, but for now this thing is going to overheat in about half an hour.  So I’m reposting from elsewhere with apologies.

I went to my friend’s pub today…and thought about their food.

And decided to make my own.  

                            Florentijnse frittata Pictures, Images and Photos

So here’s the deal:

Cook a box of frozen spinach.

Drain well.

Grate some Gruyere.

Warm up some eggs (4-6 extra-large) and have them ready.

This is going to be a no-crust version, so I will have a skillet ready.  That skillet is already cooking some bacon, yum.

I am going to mix the crumbled bacon, the spinach, the eggs (after they have been whipped up) and the cheese, and add the mixture back into the cast-iron skillet, start cooking the mixture on the stove, and finish it in the oven.  I might add a layer of Gruyere on top…if I have enough Gruyere.

There’s some leftover milk to mix into the recipe…and I have some nutmeg to freshly grate into it all.

Then I will pop the skillet back into a low oven until the omelet is done.

This would be great if served with a salad or soup…It will be dinner for me.

Again, apologies for not doing something new.  I’m hoping to chill the apartment enough in time to post this so that I can stick around for your comments.  Meanwhile, please feel free to leave your own favorite recipes in the comments.


  1. entirely too comfy…which means my computer is going to crash.

    Please leave your own recipes/thoughts in the comments section.  I hope by next week I’ll be able to hang out longer without worrying about computer crashes.

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