Pony Party: Happy St. Pat’s Day!

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And luck o’ the Irish to y’all!

I am going to attempt to make colcannon for dinner.  If anyone has any experience with that, or a good recipe to share, please post it here!  Otherwise, I’m winging it.

St. Patricks Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Spring is in the air:


Have a beer on me:


And may we all have a good friend to cuddle up with:


And just for fun:

It’s Ireland’s day: let’s make fun of the Scots!  (FWIW, I’m part Scots-Irish: I get to make fun of both groups!)


  1. …Indeed!

    But first, I want to say I love the Springing lamb at the top.

    But, this day in Berkeley was really strange.  I must have walked past at least 100 people by 11:00 AM, not one of whom was wearing any green, not even a small part of a multi-colored purse.

    By the time I got inside the women’s dressing room at the Y, where almost everyone was as naked as Rahm encountering Alan Grayson, I commented, “Am I confused on my dates?  Is this St. Patrick’s day or is it St Augustine’s day (“Get thee behind me Satan!”)?  I haven’t seen one person wearing green all day.

    It was truly strange!!  

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