No SOTU speeches here! (pony party)

(10 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

My TV is effectively dead, and my computer is dying: so no SOTU for me!

But I’m getting the definite impression that lots of others don’t want to watch it, either.

So, for pf8, let’s have a puppy!

Caption Me!
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Caption This!

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Garden  heavyweight
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Monorail  monkey?  Who gnu?
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Our very own RiaD wants to raise chickens…and I have a subspecies that looks like fun:

A chicken  4 RiaD
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  1. Hope you’ll have fun with some captions….

    Ponies 4 All!
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  2. (4)
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    moar funny pictures

  3. Stealthy Hunter,  Fail.
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  4. And I shall not be dark,  but beautiful and terrible  as the Morning and the Night!
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  5. SOTU tonight…and I go to Orange on a regular basis…and now am listening to Sarah Vaughn singing “My Man” — and it could be the theme song for certain diarists there.

    Serendipity indeed.

  6. 1- 1st penguin on the moon…or…Everyone loves my bouncy personality.

    2- We gotta’ lay low, I heard her say chili-coon-carne for dinner!

    3- Just “Say Cheeeeeze”!

  7. No TV and no computer?  I sure hope ya have a good book to read!

    • RiaD on January 28, 2010 at 03:36

    1- penguins can so fly…. see?!!!

    2- just a bit longer, wait until the dog is fast asleep, then we’ll go finish his supper

    3- caught in a crack!

    tnx for the chicken! that’s a polish chicken…. no really!

    4- i didn’t invite him, did you invite him??

    5- leader of the herd

  8. This is because we evolved LEVITATION!


  9. (@ 2:00)

    • RiaD on January 28, 2010 at 04:02

    you’ve been FP’d!

  10. takeda food.  I iz getaway vehicle, ssee?  I waita righta here for yous.

  11. piece o cheese, and now my day is really hosed!”

    • Eddie C on January 28, 2010 at 04:53

    You’re here too. Every website I visit I see you there.

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