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Let’s help Ria, Okay?

RiaD is a Kossack, and a friend of mine.  

She might be a friend of yours, too.

I know she’s a friend of Something the Dog Said, ’cause he cross-posts his Sunday Bread threads to Ria’s blog:


Chile: A Call For Your Assistance


Chile’s Earthquake

The New York Times is reporting that yesterday’s Chile’s government, having recognized the far ranging extent of the national catastrophe, was at last calling for international assistance.  The Times reports:

SE LA: Ike Storm Surge and Call for Help

While a lot of attention is being focused on Texas, SE Louisiana–particularly bayou communities–which are still recovering from Gustav are being affected by Ike already.  This is almost a repeat of Katrina-Rita, and again, they are being ignored.  Please see the bottom of this diary for ways to help.

I need help.

I am spending far too much time at the train wreck that is this site.

It’s like rubbernecking an accident.

It brings the ill-mannered adolescent in me to the surface.

Go below the surface.