Pony Party

(Ride on through the night until Dawn or until mishima publishes Late Night Karaoke. 😉 – promoted by TheMomCat)

Late tonight, b/c I went to see a local production of Noises Off.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the farce, here’s a great introduction:

And the best vid showing bits of the play I could find:


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  1. theater…and farce…and sardines.

    What’s on your mind?  Any good theater stories to share?

    Anybody else see this play?

    The production was quite good, my friend and I agreed: the timing was impeccable; the acting better than I expected from regional theater — it turned out that all but two cast members were Equity.  So we laughed through the whole thing, and once the rest of the audience warmed up, they did too.

  2. for the promote!  Quite unexpected.

    Are you a fan of Noises Off too?

  3. …a rapid paced “Waiting for Godot!”   So I’m thinking about

    theater…and farce…and carrots.

  4. for the near future.

    What a wild ride!  And what a fascinating concept for staging a play!

    Be forewarned. When performed well, this play is sure to leave your sides sore from laughing–a small price to pay for a memorable evening of great fun!

    Although there are many worthy candidates for such an honor, the farce “Lend Me a Tenor” is definitely worth seeing as well.

    I don’t believe this is actually a spoiler, but is typically a reprise of the entire story line, condensed into something like two minutes at the conclusion of the play, as a sort of curtain call…

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