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riad photo ria_zps3644d703.jpgEdger let me know that RiaD has died. She left us on December 18.

RiaDarlin’. Fairy dust and magic. but she had a bite. and she could write. she was fierce and brave. she didn’t have a sweet nature, but a kind and forgiving one. and Ria knew things, she just did.

whenever i see emeralds in the river or stand in the rain and melt into the ground, i will remember her. as the clouds march across the skies like floats in thanksgiving day parades, i will smile and think: Ria helped me see such things.

when the snow falls and the streets go silent and the darkness is lit by moonlight, i will let go her name and see her form in the moist frost, knowing that it’s magic. whatever they think it is and whatever they call it, physics or science or religion or nothingness. it is magic. we are magic. the universe is the sorcerer and we are hatchlings spread out and swirling around planets in great gaseous lights or walking, swimming, flying on a tiny blue dot in system with a sun.

she knew it and that life was everywhere, flowing as urgently in the still and static stone as the heart beating within her. i miss her. i will never forget her. and how to connect in a free fall.

i love you RiaDarlin’… peef.

Let’s help Ria, Okay?

RiaD is a Kossack, and a friend of mine.  

She might be a friend of yours, too.

I know she’s a friend of Something the Dog Said, ’cause he cross-posts his Sunday Bread threads to Ria’s blog: