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Jesse Ventura Takes On 9/11

A new TV program premires on TruTV (Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner) in December, titled: Conspiracy Therory, starring former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura.

If you know anything about Ventura, it is that he never minces his words, or holds back how he really feels about things (a refreshing trait for any politician), and on December 9 at 10:00pm, he tackles the subject that no one else on television will: What really happened on Septemeber 11, 2001 to the most well defended Country on the face of the planet?



Jesse steps into America’s most controversial conspiracy by challenging the 9-11 Commission report and considering the claim that the September 11th attacks were an inside job. At the urging of victims’ families, he finds witnesses who claim the towers were brought down by revolutionary explosives that were placed in plain sight, but no one knew what they were. Ventura also hears from those who claim the missing black box flight recorders were actually recovered. And he is told a shocking story about who may have been in the cockpits before the jets took off.

Featured Experts and Eyewitnesses: Physicist Steven Jones, who says he found evidence of thermite, a bomb material, in the residue from Ground Zero; explosives expert Van Romero, who performed a test purported to show that liquid thermite can make steel girders burn hotter and faster; demolition expert Brent Blanchard, who says that no inspection for explosive materials was done at the scene; former Air Force pilot Jeff Dahlstrom, who is convinced that 9-11 was a “false flag” operation carried out to push the country into war; Mike Bellone, a recovery worker at Ground Zero who says that he saw airline flight recorders recovered at the scene; Dave Lindorff, a journalist, who says that the recorders were recovered, inspected and turned over to the FBI; Dale Leppard, a former head of the Airline Pilots Association who insists recorders are always found; and former FBI investigator Jack Cloonan, who disputes claims the recorders were found.

Can Someone Here Educate DKOS?

I have seen a number of Diaries writtien over at DKos today that are just attacking Dennis Kucinich and making him out to be a villain, for having done the correct thing and voted no on the faux Health Care “reform” Bill.

As I feared, that whole site just blindly believes all the untrue soundbites, phony PR, exaggerated claims, and hype about the Health Bill, and DKos neither knows nor cares at all about the actual language of the Bill, and what this very bad Bill actually does, and what it does not do.

In fact, it is the Insurance Companies who are cheerleading even more wildly than the people over at DKos, which is a reflection of the ignorance, and dogmatic “anything the DParty or Obama does is great” mindset that DKos is hopelessly stuck in.

I am banned over at DKos.  I cannot write anything there. So this Essay is a plea and a request for someone here to write a Diairy over at the DKos site (on my behalf), that both defends Dennis Kucinich (and his no vote), and also educates the readship there on just how bad this Health Care Bill really is.

You do not have do write a new Diary from scratch.  I have already written one Diary right here at Docudharma on this very subject that you can just copy word-for-word verbatim, that detailed the reasons why the “reform” Bill deserves to be defeated.

Please See and Use this:  Why The Health Care Bill Deserves To Be Defeated!

You can just repost it word-for-word.  I also wrote a second essay here, containing an additional statement by Kucinich, that also helps provide some further background context for a no vote:

See: Statement by Kucinich on Health Care Bill

Statement By Dennis Kucinch

Congressman Dennis Kucinich made the following statement today:

“Before we celebrate the new health care legislation, keep in mind that the American people will be required by law to buy private insurance and that they will pay a penalty if they don’t.  

That insurance companies will be subsidized by the government.

That insurance companies have had double digit increases in premiums in the past four years.

That we are locking in a for profit structure.

This is the result of a health care debate of which the flawed premise is that health care reform can not happen without the cooperation of the insurance companies, which make money by not providing health care.  

The truth is that reform can not happen with them. The insurance companies are the problem not the solution. This legislation, no matter how well intended, will likely not be able to deliver, cost too much and be another bail out for big business at the expense of the American people.”

    –Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-OH

Why The Democrats “Health Reform” Deserves To Be DEFEATED

The total vacuum of any principled leadership from President Obama, has inevitably produced the most directionless, anti-consumer, Insurance Monopoly boondoggle fraud imaginable — which is now masquerading before Congress as “reform“.

In fact, the Insurance Companies are silently doing cartwheels over this, and stand to jack up rates even more, and fatten their considerable death grip over the American public.  The people who bother to read the fine print, like Congressman Dennis Kucinich, know this.

Who’s to blame?

Well, for starters, Capitulator-in-Chief Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi (who lied to us, and promised “a robust public option”), Max Baucus, …. and the list goes on and on. In other words, The Democratic Party and it’s entire leadership structure (do we have any?) created this fiasco all by themselves — the same people who also want to keep funding and expanding the Bush Wars, Bailout Goldman Sachs and give them (crooks) your tax money for CEO profits, and who blindly support the unconstitutional Bush U.S. Patriot Act.

Some remarks from Congressman Kucinich:

Speaking to liberal MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz on Friday, Kucinich continued:

They’re being mandated to buy private insurance. If you read the bill, the people are going to end up paying — the insurance companies can raise rates 25 percent right off the bat, if you read the bill.”

Schultz encouraged Kucinich to repeat himself on that point.

“It’s on page 22 of the bill,” he replied. “Right here, it says that rates shall be set at a level that does not exceed 125 percent of the prevailing standard rate for comparable coverage in the individual market. Now … It’s very easy to understand what that means.”

“It’s not reform,” Schultz insisted.

“It means a 25 percent increase, they’ll have the ability to execute and since insurance companies have already raised rates for the last four years by double-digits, we can expect — based on the bill — another rate increase by the insurance companies.”

And what about the so-called “public option“?

Depression Theater

As the total vacuum of any principled leadership from President Obama has now produced the inevitable directionless, anti-consumer, Insurance Monopoly boondoggle fraud, now masquerading in Congress as “reform“, it is time to reflect upon just who Obama’s friends really are and have been all along, and what his uninspiring charade of a Presidency is really all about.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Quote Of The Day:

“This is a moment of truth for the Democratic Party. Will we stand for the people or the insurance companies?

We compromised on [a] single payer [health care system] by backing a public option, and now we are being asked to compromise the public option with negotiated rates. In conference, we will likely be asked to compromise negotiated rates with a trigger.

In each and every step of the health care debate, the insurance companies have won. If they get hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxpayer subsidies, they get to raise their premiums, and increase their co-pays and deductibles, while the public is forced to pay for private insurance, then the insurance companies win big.

If this is the best we can do, then it is time to ask ourselves whether the two-party system is truly capable of representing the American people or whether the system has been so compromised by special interests that we can’t even protect the health of our own people.”

                — U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-OH

No We Can’t: Obama sabotages Harry Reid’s PO efforts

President Obama and his staff (Rahm Emanuel) are actively undermining Senator Harry Reid’s efforts to get a Public Option through the Senate, with the opt-out provision, and instead favor the Insurance Company blessed “triggercharade that has been championed by Republican Senator Olympia Snow.

A sitting U. S. President has enormous power to influence wavering Senators on close bills, and keep unity within the Party on important goals. But Obama is not only sitting by passively and refusing to get behind Harry Reid’s effort, he is actually now scoffing at it, and projecting that Reid’s effort can’t work (i.e. sabotaging the momentum) while refusing to lend any proactive help to make it succeed.

NBC News reported that Obama administration officials called Reid’s decision to go ahead with an opt-out public option “dangerous.”

The administration basically told Reid, “You’re the vote counter. But don’t come crying to us when you need that last vote,” Chuck Todd said on MSNBC.

Obama privately discouraged Senate Democrats from pursuing the opt-out plan. “Everybody knows we’re close enough that these guys could be rolled. They just don’t want to do it” a senior Democratic source told the Huffington Post, saying that Obama is worried about the political fate of Blue Dogs and conservative Senate Democrats. “These last couple folks, they could get them if Obama leaned on them.”


U.S. History They Don’t Teach You In School

Why England is NOT our ally

In modern times, we have been raised to believe that England is a wonderful Country, that is our ally, and our good friend.

The fact that both the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812 were about obtaining autonomy, independence, and separation from the British oligarchy, that wished to dominate us and control us, is conveniently forgotten. What follows here is a video documentary that shows the origins of the decline of the American experiment, and the on going power struggle that continued to remain between the British oligarchy and American people, which is responsible for that decline.

It reveals that the Civil War (that followed in the mid-1800s) was, in fact, about much more than just simply “Slavery”.  It reveals the origins of so-called “Free Trade” agreements (which are aggressively promoted today) that have hollowed out American manufacturing, and depressed the wages of American workers. It shows how Franklin Roosevelt came close to outmanuvering the European Establishment, and embarked upon a strategy that would have strengthened, not only the prosperity of America, but of the whole World.  Tragically, Roosevelt’s health failed him before he could see any of that through. Finally, the video also reveals, in the end, what a tool   HarryOrwellian National Security StateTruman was, who sowed the seeds of our modern ruthless American Empire, and our current disintegration.

This is, unfortunately, a long video (over 1 hour), but it is well worth it to watch all the way through (the last 30 minutes are the best part).


Lincoln and FDR and the British Empire

The Protesters .vs. Sen. Lindsey Graham

So, I’ve seen some comments here and elsewhere (DKos) that mock the people calling out and protesting against the crooked GOP agenda of Lindsey Graham (and the Elitist pro-Establishment interests that he represents).

But you all should be rooting for the protesters here, and not accepting the U.S. Media line that the status-quo GOP agenda is somehow to be perceived as less “extreme”.

For it is the well heeled LindseyGraham-GeorgeBush-RushLimbaugh Republicans who are the fascists, the Human Torture enthusiasts, the buddies of the Wall Street crooks, the racists, and the War Mongering World Empire murderers — not the people shouting out in protest at Lindsey Graham.

The protesters of Lindsey Graham, who Graham himself decries for calling Bush a “War Criminal” (which of course he is), are largely Libertarians and old-school Constitutional Republicans that disapprove of the GOP War and Wall Street agenda.



Nobel Peace Prize Committee Makes A Mockery Out Of Itself.

I can’t believe that the Nobel Peace Committee could possibly, with a straight face, give out this award to the man who has been escalating Warfare, ever since he took office, and escalating human slaughter (including civilian bombings from unmaned, computerized War drones) throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, and who has been actually increasing the presence of private Contractors (e.g., Blackwater, at the expense of poor American middle class taxpayers) in War torn Iraq, and who refuses to close the foreign Military Bases there, or bring about any end to that shameful tyrannical War.

In addition, Obama has been using (abusing) the high office of the Presidency to protect and defend Bush administration officials against any judicial action or accountability (even fighting against the ACLU, and mandated Court orders in the process). He has continued the shameful practise of “secret renditions” to black site prisons (where the human torture continues), and has been transfering prisoners to Bagram — the new “Abu Grahib”, while failing on his so-called promise by choice to “end Guantanimo”.  Obama has not only perpetuated the many War Crimes of the Bush administration, in all their various forms, he has blocked any effort to allow any cleansing or healing to take place, for this Country or for the World, that would be realized by a public government rebuke and prosecution of these War Crimes.  Conversely, he has portrayed them as legitimate public policy, and maintained legal defense on behalf of them.


Obama pursues unlimited global Warfare

This reported today by the A.P.

“Obama said the war would not be reduced to a narrowly defined counterterrorism effort, with the withdrawal of many U.S. forces and an emphasis on special operations forces that target terrorists in the dangerous border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Two senior administration officials say such a scenario has been inaccurately characterized and linked to Vice President Joe Biden, and that Obama wanted to make clear he is considering no such plan.”


Think about that.

Translation: There is no change in U.S. Foreign Policy.

The illegal and corrupt Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Gates global Warfare will just continue on and on and on for 8 more terrible years.

The whole 2008 Presidential Election was just a theatrical bit of stage acting by Obama designed to fool liberals, progressives, libertarians, moderates, and conservatives of good conscience, that have been horrified at all the reckless human carnage, War atrocities, and collosal waste of tax payers money, into voting for promise of a change in direction (that was never to even be considered).

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