Obama pursues unlimited global Warfare

This reported today by the A.P.

“Obama said the war would not be reduced to a narrowly defined counterterrorism effort, with the withdrawal of many U.S. forces and an emphasis on special operations forces that target terrorists in the dangerous border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Two senior administration officials say such a scenario has been inaccurately characterized and linked to Vice President Joe Biden, and that Obama wanted to make clear he is considering no such plan.”


Think about that.

Translation: There is no change in U.S. Foreign Policy.

The illegal and corrupt Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Gates global Warfare will just continue on and on and on for 8 more terrible years.

The whole 2008 Presidential Election was just a theatrical bit of stage acting by Obama designed to fool liberals, progressives, libertarians, moderates, and conservatives of good conscience, that have been horrified at all the reckless human carnage, War atrocities, and collosal waste of tax payers money, into voting for promise of a change in direction (that was never to even be considered).

The “counterterrorism effort” that Obama calls “too narrow” (-?-), and rejects out of hand, is the only possible legitimate purpose that we even have for being there in the first place. And it is clearly the only morally acceptable purpose.

But perpetuating endless, reckless, and vague Military Combat operations (against who exactly?) and devising these think-tank driven “abstract” uptopian Geo-political goals that are both hopelessly naive and totally unachievable, through the tyrannical tactics of mass violence and bloodshed, is only just bankrupting this Country and creating economic suffering and instability here at home for Americans.

Statement from Dennis Kucinich:

“Instead of discussing all of our options for Afghanistan, including an immediate withdrawal, the Administration is initiating a charm offensive with high level meetings at the White House, with the intention of shoring up sinking support for continuing the war in Afghanistan.

Sending additional American service members to Afghanistan does not increase security and it is not an act of diplomacy. Sending additional troops sends one message: The U.S. is ramping up combat operations. This message only encourages the Taliban and other insurgent groups to do likewise. Congress must take control of this war by eliminating its funding and bringing our troops home.”

      –Congressman Dennis Kucinich

If History has told us anything in the last 9 years it is that perpetual Warfare and Foreign Occupations do more damage (economically) to ourselves, and inflict more murder (casualities) to ourselves than any so-called “terror episode” ever did or ever could.  And clearly, this reckless endless violence can never possibly reduce anti-American resentments and hatreds, but instead only inflame them much further.  


Obama deserves to be Primaried in 2012 for having not only failed at bringing about any so-called change in U.S. Foreign Policy, but crassly dismissing even the mere idea of it (once elected).

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  2. read the comments over on the d’orranged that try to rationalize it because Obama said he was going to do it.  “What did you expect?  Why did you vote for him?”  It’s like, you voted for him and he said he was going to do it, so now you have to support him, or at least not criticize him.  That said, it’s not just Obama, it’s the unstoppable machine.  

  3. So this year it’s 30% kill rate, next year 100.


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