The Protesters .vs. Sen. Lindsey Graham

So, I’ve seen some comments here and elsewhere (DKos) that mock the people calling out and protesting against the crooked GOP agenda of Lindsey Graham (and the Elitist pro-Establishment interests that he represents).

But you all should be rooting for the protesters here, and not accepting the U.S. Media line that the status-quo GOP agenda is somehow to be perceived as less “extreme”.

For it is the well heeled LindseyGraham-GeorgeBush-RushLimbaugh Republicans who are the fascists, the Human Torture enthusiasts, the buddies of the Wall Street crooks, the racists, and the War Mongering World Empire murderers — not the people shouting out in protest at Lindsey Graham.

The protesters of Lindsey Graham, who Graham himself decries for calling Bush a “War Criminal” (which of course he is), are largely Libertarians and old-school Constitutional Republicans that disapprove of the GOP War and Wall Street agenda.



Ron Paul, in fact, is the only guy, along with Alan Grayson, that is making any damn sense these days. It is not his supporters that are the Rush Limbaugh-Glen Beck-Sean Hannity extremists and reactionaries.  They hate Hannity and Limbaugh…and also Bush.

In fact, it is the Libertarians (along with the left-edge Liberals) who have been absolutely correct about the horrible Wars, about the Detentions, about government authoritarianism, about The Patriot Act, about the Bailouts given to the pockets of Wall Street crooks, about the Federal Reserve corruption, and it is Mr. status-quo Barack Obama and the Democratic Party who have been completely wrong about all these things … and driving this Country into Financial Bankruptcy, and endless human carnage and utter chaos Overseas.

So if we want to fix our broken Country, we have to reject the status-quo advocates from either direction, whether they exist in either the Democratic or Republican Party.

Put the blame where it belongs.

I want to shout at Lindsey Graham and his ilk too!

The People protesting the Establishment policies  (of Lindsey Graham, and these War & WallStreet giveaway Policies of President Obama) are not the problem here.

Support the uprising from wherever direction it comes from.

Sadly, both Obama and the GOP are only leading us into 8 more years of perpetual War violence, government secrecy and privilege, abuse of The Bill of Rights, and Federal Reserve Monopoly abuse and swindling of our Economy.

So the more people rising up against these status-quo interests, the more hope that we actually have.

We should all be shouting at Lindsey Graham!

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