Can Someone Here Educate DKOS?

I have seen a number of Diaries writtien over at DKos today that are just attacking Dennis Kucinich and making him out to be a villain, for having done the correct thing and voted no on the faux Health Care “reform” Bill.

As I feared, that whole site just blindly believes all the untrue soundbites, phony PR, exaggerated claims, and hype about the Health Bill, and DKos neither knows nor cares at all about the actual language of the Bill, and what this very bad Bill actually does, and what it does not do.

In fact, it is the Insurance Companies who are cheerleading even more wildly than the people over at DKos, which is a reflection of the ignorance, and dogmatic “anything the DParty or Obama does is great” mindset that DKos is hopelessly stuck in.

I am banned over at DKos.  I cannot write anything there. So this Essay is a plea and a request for someone here to write a Diairy over at the DKos site (on my behalf), that both defends Dennis Kucinich (and his no vote), and also educates the readship there on just how bad this Health Care Bill really is.

You do not have do write a new Diary from scratch.  I have already written one Diary right here at Docudharma on this very subject that you can just copy word-for-word verbatim, that detailed the reasons why the “reform” Bill deserves to be defeated.

Please See and Use this:  Why The Health Care Bill Deserves To Be Defeated!

You can just repost it word-for-word.  I also wrote a second essay here, containing an additional statement by Kucinich, that also helps provide some further background context for a no vote:

See: Statement by Kucinich on Health Care Bill

Finally, there is the statement made by Congressman Eric Massa, that deserves much, much wider visibility. Please include this statement (shown below) to prove the point, that it isn’t only just Kucinich here:

“I have respect for the chief executive, but I don’t work for him. I work for people of the 29th Congressional District.

At the highest level this bill will enshrine in law the monopolistic powers of the private health insurance industry. There’s no other way to look at it.”

          –Congressman Eric Massa, D-NY

Someone needs to stop the false and dishonest meme over there at DKos that this is a “victory” for progressives, and a great victory for the consumer.  It is not.

It is a victory only for the Insurance Companies, once you read the actual language and provisions of the Bill.  Our costs are not going to be going down. They are going up.  Only now the IRS is knocking at your door, if you fail to pay them.

Who can help out with this task??

Can someone please volunteer to do this??


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  1. but I made the mistake of peeking in over there this morning and the stupidity is beyond belief.

    surely, this is someone I know…lol.

  2. has turned it into a cheering section for Obama.

    The only question is how hard you clap.

    • Robyn on November 8, 2009 at 21:01

    …and I could probably do it without being called a troll.

    But I don’t see why I should.

  3. and people who shit on the most dependable liberal in Congress prove to me that we truly have a representative Congress, spineless representatives for a pretty spineless electorate

    • rossl on November 8, 2009 at 21:17

    I posted a diary last night about the Kucinich Amendment for state single payer.

    • Inky99 on November 8, 2009 at 22:51

    It’s now a crime to not buy food.

    (this is not original but I wish it as)

  4. Wow, oxymoron, doublespeak, Newspeak…ooow….oh…I know..Darwin Award Emeritus Recipient category….Mr Instabanneth my shit don’t stink markos flat earth Bush’s 911 fallacy is completely true dailykos?  Educate?

    No, one does not, can not educate gatekeepers.  On does not educate people who seek to close minds.  One does not educate people whose brains shut off at the perceptions and or perceived perceptions of incorrectly worded sequences.  Face it, it is the very same deal as blogging on RedState or, just a different slant.

    Yes, let’s just end all this misery and get your fucking shot.

  5. If someone could write as eloquently as Thomas Paine himself, and if someone could wave a magic wand and miraculously convince every member of DailyKos to come on board with your opinions, do you really think it would make a difference to our Congress? Really? Ya’ll give DKos way too much credit.

    It’s not about principle, it’s not about doing what’s right for the American people, there’s only one thing that speaks to these people (Congress), It’s MONEY-MONEY-MONEY. Jesus Christ himself could storm the halls of Congress and overturn the tables and it would make no difference. It’s MONEY-MONEY-MONEY.

    Apply Occam’s Razor. Congress is like the mob running a protection racket. They are mobsters. Those who can pay the most, gets the protection. This is like a sequel to the Godfather. Maybe we should ask them what their bottom line is as far as protection money goes and see if the whole country can pool our money together and outbid the insurance companies, and I say that 1/2 in jest and 1/2 in non-jest.

    Ya’ll can go ahead and rake me over the coals for this post, I don’t care anymore.

    Have you had enough yet?

  6. It’s trash.

  7. For a single “someone” to educate dKos would require taking over the television shows that inform the gestalt of dKos. Until then, it will be clear that we in Oceania have always been at war with EastEurEastEurasia.

    And it doesn’t make any substantial difference. DailyKos as an environment selects for the oversimplified, copy and pastable opinion, “primary everyone who voted against the health insurance bill” fits the bill, and while it hypothetically catches Kucinich in the net, it seems unlikely to do so in practice.

    Now, a determined and well-organized group of twenty or thirty could have some effect if sufficient time and energy was devoted to the cause – but then there is the question of whether there is something more important for a determined and well-organized group of twenty or thirty blog warriors to focus on.

    The Blue Dogs are at far more risk of being struck by the “primary the bastards” from the Orange Mob, so I doubt that Dennis really needs us ot get his back at this point in time. Maybe it will become apparent sometime next year that we need to get his back, so someone needs to take on a watching brief on whether that is the case, so we aren’t caught flat footed.

  8. let it go down in flames… well, not exactly, but …

    Ive been thinking about this a lot, and Im not especially savvy, nor have I ever been deep enough into DK to really comprehend all the dynamics there, but… it has certainly devolved over the past 8 or 9 months and it is morphing into a caricature of itself, no?

    I have mentioned here in comments, here and there, that I prefer to be more subversive. I go spatter comments over there some, but I generally stay out of the fray. Mostly because I suck at that kind of thing.

    And for a time, I felt the same way you do, FS, that DK is considered The Voice of The Left by the mainstreamers. So we should TRY to up the volume of the progressive stance there. Your general arguments above.

    I dont think that anymore. I really dont.

    It makes more sense to me to lurk there, comment some, and once in a while, invite like-minded folks to wander over here to DD. Just all friendly like.

    Im also think, well, maybe firedoglake (or another larger blog?) can move into that “progressive voice” spot, and just let DK wallow around in their muddy mud that they love so much, and be all about electoral stuff and the Democratic party and hating on FOX and freepers.

    Real progressives do need a better, large, visible, presence in blogland, one that IS acknowledged as such by MSM, but DK aint it.

    I thought of FDL in particular because… remember when emptywheel laid it all out regarding the 183 # of times with the waterboard that was in that memo or report or whatever it was, it was right there in black and white, but FDL’s ew was THE ONLY ONE who caught it, and wrote about it very well, and published. That got picked up like wildfire, everywhere, MSM included. So she’s got cred. And Jane is on Keith Olberman as much as Markos is, or at least lately with HCR. She’s got cred.

    Maybe progressives would do better to just abandon DK altogether. Jump ship and go build up a real prog-blog somewhere else instead. Perhaps LOUDLY.

    The more I think about that, the more it makes sense that FDL, Jane, slinkerwink have all been under such attack there.


  9. A busy box full of pseudoprogressives who still can’t even bring themselves to discuss whether 9/11 was an inside job even in the face of mounting evidence to that effect.

    Bring the real movers and shakers over here, including a big name or two, and watch things really start to happen.

    It’s not just where you write, it’s WHAT you write. If Dennis Kucinich or Alan Grayson did a piece over here on DD THAT would school the netkopps like nothing else.

    You really want to give Daily Kos a wake up call, a reality check? WALK AWAY. Vote with your feet. Stop treating them like they’re the only game in town!

  10. My active days were long ago. The house healthcare bill is a pathetic patchwork and continues to degenerate. The moral imperative for all morphed quickly into a political imperative for the Dems, and that’s where it will percolate.

    The frightening thing is the escalation of the Afghanistan War. Now that is sinister. There is virtually no robust discussion taking place in the general public about this issue. The media takes sides and there is NO DEBATE. ZERO!

    It’s as if the healthcare debate is a cover for  escalation. I don’t know if that’s paranoia, but things look bleak. I fear another permanent occupation.

    Eisenhower’s worst fears have come to pass.

    As far a blogging is concerned, I don’t have a clue as to its influence on politics. I think it can be a very effective organizing tool, but discourse is too linear.

    Dialogically, it seems to be limited.

  11. DKos has been a cesspool of Rah-Rah and kontent kops for the last 5 years

    if you haven’t figured out that it’s a waste of time, I can’t even educate YOU

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