Depression Theater

As the total vacuum of any principled leadership from President Obama has now produced the inevitable directionless, anti-consumer, Insurance Monopoly boondoggle fraud, now masquerading in Congress as “reform“, it is time to reflect upon just who Obama’s friends really are and have been all along, and what his uninspiring charade of a Presidency is really all about.

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The truth hurts.  After viewing this mini-documentary, it is clear that this Country, which long ago abandoned all pretense of serving the common good, is totally hopeless, crooked to the core, and finished for all intents and purposes.

The discussion should no longer be about “what we can do” when the system is intentionally rigged by design to lock out everyone but the Elites and their interests, but instead it should be about which Country out there other than The United States that remains, should we start now to consider moving to — in order to create a better life for ourselves and our children.

There are many to choose from where the people all have (free) Health Care and Education, and no Military Empire to bankrupt them.

When overwhelming Democratic Party victories in each and every branch of government still just result in the unapologetic continuation of the same cruel, dishonest Corporatist, pro-Establishment, pro-War, authoritarian agenda, is there really any choice for us here left?


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    • jamess on October 30, 2009 at 14:36

    moving to New Zealand, or Australia —

    But I got family here,

    and they’re not going anywhere.

    As an alternative, we need a Progressive Constitution.

    And Campaign Finance Reform.

    And a True Free Press, similar to CurrentTV or PBS.

    Educating the Masses, on basic Civics, might help too.

    I’ll try to watch the videos later,

    but duty calls, and got to run to work now —

    too busy for a revolution, or mass migration, this morning, lol.

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