Why England is NOT our ally

In modern times, we have been raised to believe that England is a wonderful Country, that is our ally, and our good friend.

The fact that both the Revolutionary War, and the War of 1812 were about obtaining autonomy, independence, and separation from the British oligarchy, that wished to dominate us and control us, is conveniently forgotten. What follows here is a video documentary that shows the origins of the decline of the American experiment, and the on going power struggle that continued to remain between the British oligarchy and American people, which is responsible for that decline.

It reveals that the Civil War (that followed in the mid-1800s) was, in fact, about much more than just simply “Slavery”.  It reveals the origins of so-called “Free Trade” agreements (which are aggressively promoted today) that have hollowed out American manufacturing, and depressed the wages of American workers. It shows how Franklin Roosevelt came close to outmanuvering the European Establishment, and embarked upon a strategy that would have strengthened, not only the prosperity of America, but of the whole World.  Tragically, Roosevelt’s health failed him before he could see any of that through. Finally, the video also reveals, in the end, what a tool   HarryOrwellian National Security StateTruman was, who sowed the seeds of our modern ruthless American Empire, and our current disintegration.

This is, unfortunately, a long video (over 1 hour), but it is well worth it to watch all the way through (the last 30 minutes are the best part).


Lincoln and FDR and the British Empire

Had the progressive and uncorrupted Henry Wallace, Roosevelt’s original Vice President, been allowed to remain on the Democratic Party ticket, the course of American History and the World would have been much, much different. I still don’t understand why Franklin Roosevelt, at the height of his political power, ever agreed to replace Wallace with Truman.  

But it is important to understand that England is not our Country’s ally.

Our victory and independence was won, but only temporarily.  The true history is not static, but dynamic.  International control over the United States was over time brought to bear upon us, and we can see all around us today the loss of our Nation’s original prosperity, the loss of our native manufacturing base, the loss of our self-directed governance on display, the fact that we are now indebted into fighting Europe’s Imperialist Wars for them, the loss of our freedom from the economic slavery, that we once had escaped from, and the dominance of the crooked Rothchild’s debt-based Central Bank system (under the misleading moniker of “The Federal Reserve”).

It is a long video, but it is well worth the watch.


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