Nobel Peace Prize Committee Makes A Mockery Out Of Itself.

I can’t believe that the Nobel Peace Committee could possibly, with a straight face, give out this award to the man who has been escalating Warfare, ever since he took office, and escalating human slaughter (including civilian bombings from unmaned, computerized War drones) throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, and who has been actually increasing the presence of private Contractors (e.g., Blackwater, at the expense of poor American middle class taxpayers) in War torn Iraq, and who refuses to close the foreign Military Bases there, or bring about any end to that shameful tyrannical War.

In addition, Obama has been using (abusing) the high office of the Presidency to protect and defend Bush administration officials against any judicial action or accountability (even fighting against the ACLU, and mandated Court orders in the process). He has continued the shameful practise of “secret renditions” to black site prisons (where the human torture continues), and has been transfering prisoners to Bagram — the new “Abu Grahib”, while failing on his so-called promise by choice to “end Guantanimo”.  Obama has not only perpetuated the many War Crimes of the Bush administration, in all their various forms, he has blocked any effort to allow any cleansing or healing to take place, for this Country or for the World, that would be realized by a public government rebuke and prosecution of these War Crimes.  Conversely, he has portrayed them as legitimate public policy, and maintained legal defense on behalf of them.


So should they give out the award to Dick Cheney next as well?

The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has lost all credibility here. Just what the hell do they now stand for, when they celebrate ongoing War Crimes, and a discredited policy of endless, perpetual Warfare (and World Empire) — which has also destablized the entire World Economy (as well as our own)?

The irony here, is that Obama in his short Presidency, has already been outed as a certified War Criminal himself in the Spain inquiry (which unfortuantely will have no legal or political consequences, and will be wholly ignored by the major Media, and the U.S. State Department).

Oh well, they gave out a Nobel Prize to Henry Kissinger too.  

If I were Al Gore or Jimmy Carter, I would send mine back in protest, and say that I do not wish to be associated with anyone that has that much blood on their hands.



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    Way to go NPP Committee! Nice message we’re sending there…..

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    • Miep on October 9, 2009 at 13:47

    think this is some kind of great honor or something.

    Your title is better than mine (though I still like mine).

    • Miep on October 9, 2009 at 13:53

    one way or the other. And most especially here in the USA.

    Incredibly stupid move, if one assumes the goal is peace.

    This will piss off everybody, set us all at each other’s throats much more. And not just here of course, this will infuriate the Iraqis and the Afghanis and the Palestinians and all sorts of activists everywhere.

    It will ALSO infuriate the right wing.

    CT, anybody?

    I’m becoming a believer. This made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    And when enough things stop making sense, I get a little paranoid.

  3. What Does Peace Mean?

    By Cindy Sheehan

    • I guess to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee it means presiding over the further destruction of the population of three countries that didn’t harm anyone.
    • I guess it means voting for every war-funding bill while one is a Senator.
    • I guess it means continuing the use of the obscene and immoral drones.
    • I guess it means continuing torture and building larger prisons to pre-emptively and indefinitely detain suspected “terrorists.”
    • I guess it means using the politics of fear to justify your wars. “Afghanistan is a war of necessity.”
    • I guess it means increasing your military budget.
    • I guess it means paying back your donors on Wall Street and in the insurance companies to profoundly harm people in your own country.
    • I guess it means hiring hostile people like Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Stanley McChrystal and Petraeus.
    • I guess it means extending the damaging embargo on Cuba and threatening “crippling economic sanctions” for Iran.

    Jesus Christ, why didn’t they just give it to George Bush?

    The US Peace Movement was put on life support with the election of Democrats. I hope now that we have a president who is just a tool of the war machine AND a Nobel Peace Laureate that it hasn’t put the final nail in the coffin of the Peace Movement.

    Peace to us means, not just an absence of war but, an absence of preparing for war.

    Peace to us means that innocent people won’t suffer for profit.

    I guess to the Establishment: War is Peace.

  4. assign the powers that be to their rightful signifigance, the scrap heap.  The rotting corpse that is western civilization shall be dead and buried.  From it’s ashes the golden age of mankind is born this very day.  Man does assume his true destiny in the stars.

    This is the cognitive dissonance trigger all humanity needs.

  5. I read this!  I had no clue about his.  This is amazing.  And of course, fully deserved since he has already rid the world of nuclear weapons, found a way out of Iraq, is crushing those pesky Taliban, and lied better than any of his predecessors.  

  6. step by step bringing us back to international cooperation and multilateralism table. It may not be as fast or radical as some here want, but the World is in a much better place than it was a year ago, because of Obama.

  7. A corrupt institution has to polish it’s own turd!

    And you are supposed to enjoy smelling it?

    I don’t think so!

  8. …I am especially pleased with the commentary exchanges between opposing points of view.  They have been conducted with good arguments and presentations and without trolly name calling.  

    Congratulations to all participants.  And a great big thanks!

  9. going around is that the Committee is trying to push him to be something he isn’t, which if true is pretty darned interesting.

    And, if so, it’s already working.  

    The NYT has written about the irony of him making the prize acceptance speech, then next going inside, meeting with his Generals about a “second escalation in Afghanistan”.

    I don’t know what their intention was, but the result has been to focus on how much like Bush he is.

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