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Datamining 4.0: Education

That damn Save button got me again.  Do I have the record of the shortest post ever (two words)?  



I screwed up the Save button and now I don’t see how to add a poll.  So I guess this one will fade into the darkness.  I’ll try again some other time.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking

Randi:  Medical bunko


White Trash: A Family Story

My mother’s family were Okies although they all hate that name.  “We’re Not Okies, we’re from Kansas!” (Yeah–25 miles from the border).  My grandfather was a sharecropper, they didn’t have much, but they liked what they had.  Then the Dust Bowl hit southern Kansas.

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My grandfather took the trunk lid off of his 1932 Plymouth and built a doghouse sticking out the back.   He piled his wife and five daughters into the car.  With their belongings–what little they could could take with them–strapped to the top of the car and a trailer filled with household goods, with the bedding on top, they set off West, looking for work along the way.


Datamining 3.0 : Results

This is the last installment of Datamining.  I’m simply out of ideas for another poll.  I could ask about sexual orientation, or your pick for the Democratic nominee, but I simply don’t care.  Your orientation is none of my business and your pick is not going to affect the outcome of the Democratic convention, or change anyone’s mind.

I’ve enjoyed doing this and I’ve learned a lot about my fellow dharmaists.  If anyone has an idea for another informative poll I would be glad to drive.

So here are the results of my polls:

Bushido: The Way of the Warrior

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Samurai no Kokorō-e:  Precepts of the Samurai

  • Know yourself. 
  • Always follow through on commitment.
  • Respect everyone.
  • Hold strong convictions that cannot be altered by your circumstances.
  • Don’t make an enemy of yourself.
  • Live without regrets.
  • Be certain to make a good first impression.
  • Don’t cling to the past.
  • Never break a promise.
  • Don’t depend on other people.
  • Don’t speak ill of others.
  • Don’t be afraid of anything.
  • Respect the opinions of others.
  • Have compassion and understanding for everyone.
  • Don’t be impetuous.
  • Even little things must be attended to.
  • Never forget to be appreciative.
  • Be first to seize the opportunity.
  • Make a desperate effort.
  • Have a plan for your life.
  • Never lose your “Beginner’s Spirt”.

    From “Flashing Steel” by Masayuki Shimabukuro and Lenard J. Pellman

    More ==>

  • My (gloomy) Prediction

    I have a prediction to make.  I truly hope I’m wrong, but this is my fear.  I just wanted to write it down.

  • Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination to run for President.
  • She will campaign vigorously.
  • About a month or two before the election very damaging information will “surface” in which Hillary is purported to have done something Wrong.
  • Republicans will gain a lot of poll numbers because of this.

    My crystal ball becomes foggy from here on.  Will she win?  Will she be convicted of a crime?

    This is very gloomy I know and I hope I’m not bringing anyone down.  But take the case of Norman Hsu.  Larry Craig was outed on August 8th; Norman Hsu “decided” to turn himself in on August 31th.  Just coincidence?  Very convenient timing for the R’s, don’t you think.  Just when they need a distraction one comes out of the mists to help them (try to) divert attention from them and focus it on Hillary. 

    Well that’s all folks.  As I said I just wanted to write this down.  I don’t like feeling gloomy, and I hope I haven’t made anyone else gloomy, but this is a big fear I have.  I’ve never seen this idea anywhere and I want to be on record.

    Thank You.

  • The I/P rules are Stupid!

    Now that I have your attention–I don’t mean the rules of different blogs.  I mean the rules being set down and enforced by big businesses trying to shut down the posting of clips from their movies or TV shows on free access sites.

    I posted a clip from the movie Idiocracy in a comment here about a week ago.  This was a part of the intro to the movie–a really funny part that includes the setup for the movie.  A few days later I went to utube to find the clip again and it was blocked.  I also, at one time, wanted to link to utubes of The Daily Show only to find out that Viacom frowns on that sort of thing.

    Datamining 2.0 : Where are you from?

    I guess fell into the role of dataminer–for a while–until people get bored with it.

    Results from, “How old Are you?”

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    Opps, Range = 56 years from 22 to 78 that I know of–some people didn’t want to reveal their age; oculus is either very old, or very young (or just modest…Nayh).

    Larry Craig inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame

    No, that’s not an exaggeration.  This is not a satire.  Larry Craig has just been inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame.

    It was announced on the local TV news a couple of days ago that since the nomination, “Had already been in the works for a few months”, they would continue to go forward with giving the award to Craig. 

    I just saw on the TV that the award was given to him today.  This is the same award given to Frank Church–the best (imo) statesman Idaho has every produced.

    How old Are you?

    When I first started with the blogs (about 6 weeks ago) I thought I’d be around a bunch of kids.
    You know…like…sort of, kind of…like…you know…kids.

    But since I came over to the good side (about a month ago) I’ve found that you are all my people whatever your age.  I’ve also seen that there are a lot of my generation out here (I’m 51).

    So, I’m curious, just exactly, “How old Are you?”

    That’s a quote from my niece a long time ago when she was about 7.  I told her, “I’m older’n dirt.”
    She scrunched up her cute little face and thought real hard for a couple of minutes before saying,
    “You can’t be older than Dirt, Uncle Jim.”

    What is Science: and what has Bush done to it?

    (A rehash of a dKos diary from 8/27/2007 in honor of President Al Gore).

    Science was the boring class you had to take in school where the teacher droned on and on about stuff you already knew, or didn’t care about.  No, not really, although that is the only thing a lot of people know about science. 

    Let’s try a different definition.  Science is the systematic gathering of data and the forming of theories to explain this data.  This is a better definition, but kind of dry.  Science is really all about model building.  (No, not model cars).  The models I’m talking about are mathematical, or systematic models (called theories).

    Note :  Don’t use Wikipedia for reference material,  I’ve learned since I wrote this that information from Wikipedia is alway suspect because Anyone can edit it. It can be a useful tool when doing research, but realize that it is not a source you want to reference.

    (I was brand new at the time)

    More below the fold.

    Jon Stewart vs. Lynn Cheney

    I’m late for work, but I had to post this.

    Anyone who wants to expand on this–feel free to steal my idea.

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