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It’s The Republicans, Stupid!

Post partisan my ass! That MIGHT be a good theme as a campaign strategy. It MIGHT appeal to an electorate tired of the incompetent,  ineffectual and just plain stupid brand of government they have been getting for the last ten years….you know, since the incredibly partisan impeachment of Bill Clinton by the Republican Congress….

It might sound … nice …and evenhanded and reasonable and mature and responsible and all that. But it ignores the simple and undeniable fact that since the Republicans lied, cheated and smeared (including smearing their current champion when he was running against Bush) their way into having full unfettered dominance of the government…..just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and the country is in sad, sorry shape.

Because of the Republicans.

Everything the Republicans has touched in the last decade has turned to crap. From the micro (life saving stem cell research) to the macro (Climate Crisis) the Republicans have had full power to implement their vision, programs and policies….and have gotten it disastrously wrong every single time.


Note To Media: Ask John McCain About David Vitter

New York governor Eliot Spitzer has blown it in a big way. Anti-corruption crusaders ought not to be dallying with call girls. Ordinarily I don’t like to assign much importance to personal and/or family matters. But when a personal act is both illegal and hypocritical, it becomes a hurdle that is very difficult to get over.

That said, the media is demonstrating its customary tunnel-blindness in reporting this story. The news is less than two hours old and I have already heard reporters on CNN, Fox and MSNBC asking about the impact on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The Craven: An Ode to Larry Craig

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Once inside a bathroom dreary, while I pondered weak and weary

Over many a quilted rolls of tp on the bathroom stall door

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping

Again some one gently tapping, tapping ‘neath my chamber door.

‘Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, ‘tapping ‘neath my chamber door –

Only this, and nothing more.’

My (gloomy) Prediction

I have a prediction to make.  I truly hope I’m wrong, but this is my fear.  I just wanted to write it down.

  • Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination to run for President.
  • She will campaign vigorously.
  • About a month or two before the election very damaging information will “surface” in which Hillary is purported to have done something Wrong.
  • Republicans will gain a lot of poll numbers because of this.

    My crystal ball becomes foggy from here on.  Will she win?  Will she be convicted of a crime?

    This is very gloomy I know and I hope I’m not bringing anyone down.  But take the case of Norman Hsu.  Larry Craig was outed on August 8th; Norman Hsu “decided” to turn himself in on August 31th.  Just coincidence?  Very convenient timing for the R’s, don’t you think.  Just when they need a distraction one comes out of the mists to help them (try to) divert attention from them and focus it on Hillary. 

    Well that’s all folks.  As I said I just wanted to write this down.  I don’t like feeling gloomy, and I hope I haven’t made anyone else gloomy, but this is a big fear I have.  I’ve never seen this idea anywhere and I want to be on record.

    Thank You.

  • Larry Craig inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame

    No, that’s not an exaggeration.  This is not a satire.  Larry Craig has just been inducted into the Idaho Hall of Fame.

    It was announced on the local TV news a couple of days ago that since the nomination, “Had already been in the works for a few months”, they would continue to go forward with giving the award to Craig. 

    I just saw on the TV that the award was given to him today.  This is the same award given to Frank Church–the best (imo) statesman Idaho has every produced.

    “Don’t Ask…Don’t Tap”

    There are four basic sexes with their own particular accommodations and conventions applicable thereto. There are men who are physically attracted to women, men who are physically attracted to men and women vice-versa.
    The Republican party rules are quite clear. You can serve your country in the military if you are a male attracted to males or female attracted to females as long as you keep your sexual orientation secret and particularly do not discomfort your heterosexual comrades in arms.

    What Did You Expect?

    That’s the question one must ask concerning certain events and individuals when one considers past actions and statements.

    Boycott Minneapolis Airport for Larry Craig!! Too Funny!!

    A tip has appeared in my inbox that’s just to durned good to pass up.  Remember bad ol’ Richard Pombo?  Well, it seems his pals at the American Land Rights Association are OUTRAGED!!!

    The Battle Ground (Washington) based association says airport police who arrested the senator [Larry Craig] in a men’s room sex sting are responsible for weakening private property rights in the West. Craig is a Republican member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

    They’re calling for a boycott of the Minneapolis airport. Could be an interesting sidebar for next year’s Republican Presidential Convention in the Twin Cities, eh?

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