My (gloomy) Prediction

I have a prediction to make.  I truly hope I’m wrong, but this is my fear.  I just wanted to write it down.

  • Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination to run for President.
  • She will campaign vigorously.
  • About a month or two before the election very damaging information will “surface” in which Hillary is purported to have done something Wrong.
  • Republicans will gain a lot of poll numbers because of this.

    My crystal ball becomes foggy from here on.  Will she win?  Will she be convicted of a crime?

    This is very gloomy I know and I hope I’m not bringing anyone down.  But take the case of Norman Hsu.  Larry Craig was outed on August 8th; Norman Hsu “decided” to turn himself in on August 31th.  Just coincidence?  Very convenient timing for the R’s, don’t you think.  Just when they need a distraction one comes out of the mists to help them (try to) divert attention from them and focus it on Hillary. 

    Well that’s all folks.  As I said I just wanted to write this down.  I don’t like feeling gloomy, and I hope I haven’t made anyone else gloomy, but this is a big fear I have.  I’ve never seen this idea anywhere and I want to be on record.

    Thank You.

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      • Boise Lib on October 27, 2007 at 8:40 pm
    1. the Republican brand is so tarnished we could nominate anyone and win.

      What infuriates me is that I think the Beltway Bozos see that too and are counting on it.

      • Twank on October 27, 2007 at 9:56 pm

      Just you wait!

      Hillary gets the nomination amidst HUGE fanfare and then the Rebubs roll out MONICA!  Tanned, rested, in-shape … and ready to entertain the public … ad nauseum … with her exploits in the White House with Bubba.

      Oh the entertainment value will be priceless!

    2. One of my futurist scenarios puts the next false flag as a nuclear event in Boston followed by martial law.

      Another one is an economic melt down which makes 1929 look like good times.

      Still another is an “accident” in one of the hundreds of bio-safety level 4 labs in the US.

      The last one is the most horrific.  Big pharma creates a drug which causes all Americans to abandon religion and start worshipping the Faux “News” network.

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