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Dark Matter

I see so much fine reporting–and writing–here that I don’t feel competent to try any of that type of stuff.  So, I’ll just post some art and entertainment for everyone–once in a while–and read all I can.  They say you should write about what you know, so a little cosmology for those who are interested (and pretty pictures for the rest of us).

Hubble Deep Field

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The Hubble took a picture of the same spot for 10 consecutive days so astronomers could create this image.  This picture is of the newly born galaxies as they were about 12 billion years ago. 
(This really doesn’t have anything to do with dark matter–but I like the picture)

Animal Art

I just wanted to share with you some art I thought you might appreciate.  First the Gorillas:

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“Apple” by Michael the Gorilla.
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Apple, Michael’s dog.

Actually he named this “Apple Chase” in American Sign Language.  Apple was Michael’s dog; their favorite game was Chase.

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“Bird”  by KoKo the Gorilla.
A bird who would sometimes sit near KoKo’s window and sing.

There is a story about a troop of Chimps who–at sunset everyday–would move up over a hill and sit and watch the sunset.  The Chimpanzees:

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“Animal Energy”  by Congo the Chimpanzee.
I think that’s what this is called.  The site wasn’t very specific about the art–the story was about this being estimated as being worth £600 and £800.

I’m gonna stay at buhdy’s place, or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the blogs.

He doesn’t know it yet; I’m going to show up with my hammock and my sunscreen.

No, really I mean Docudharma.  Although…

I’m new as hell at this shit.  The first site I went to was,

The Place Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned
(TPWNSNBM, I’m trying to start a thing, but this one may be too long).

Are Freemasons Evil?

There are a lot of people who think so.  Whenever I hear Masons mentioned, it is always as a put-down; brought up as an example of nutty people, or conspiracy people believing Freemasons run the world.  As everyone knows a lot of influential people in the past of America, and the world, were Masons.  And a few bad ones, too.  George Washington was a Mason: Benedict Arnold was a Mason.  In any group of this size there are bound to be a few bad apples.

So, are Freemasons evil?

I don’t believe they are.  You see–I am a Freemason.

Follow below for my story and a discussion.

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