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Crumbling Towers, Crumbling Ideals

Or should I say:

Crumbling Towers, Physics Upside Down?


Crumbling Towers, Let’s Think After Praying

At any rate, being astonished to find a blog where I could post some of my thoughts about the tidy, near-instantaneous crumbling of the three (3) World Trade Center Towers… I wrote this in a comment the other day. Two people suggested I post as essay, I asked Budhy about it, got an OK. Any help with tags appreciated, but if you would be so kind as to leave the “Thinking” tag, I’d appreciate it. (Apologies, there’s some compare and contrast with DK here, I can’t justify the time to edit it out.)

After you read this, what I want to know is, “What do you think?” And, “Any hidden thoughts you’ve harbored, that you haven’t feltl safe to discuss, due to the prevailing thought-paradigm on this issue?” Again, “What do you think?”

It begins:

I doubt there’s a unified theory about 9/11 among the diverse posters, and it seems odd to me to think there would be.

I’m not the scientist, but I’m intelligent. Here are a few of my thoughts.

–I had previously watched videos of buildings being “pulled” or destroyed by carefully placed charges. A hired demolition, where weeks or months of work placed charges in advance, because the goal was to have the building collapse into its own footprint and *not damage buildings that surrounded it.

They create a simultaneous explosion, that reduces the entire building to small pieces at the exact same moment. People gather around and take videos of those buildings from various angles, to see how successfully the company hired was at placing charges, and if they achieve the near-impossible, making a building collapse in seconds into its own footprint.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking

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