Datamining 3.0 : Results

This is the last installment of Datamining.  I’m simply out of ideas for another poll.  I could ask about sexual orientation, or your pick for the Democratic nominee, but I simply don’t care.  Your orientation is none of my business and your pick is not going to affect the outcome of the Democratic convention, or change anyone’s mind.

I’ve enjoyed doing this and I’ve learned a lot about my fellow dharmaists.  If anyone has an idea for another informative poll I would be glad to drive.

So here are the results of my polls:

Where are you from?

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I wanted to arrange the groups to more properly reflect where everyone is.  I could have had a group for every state, but 50 is too many.  I also wanted to break out the UK from Europe, but again too long.

How old are you?

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A surprise!  You guys are about my age.  I thought for sure everyone would be younger.

Again I’ve enjoyed, and I hope you have too.


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  1. I’m glad I got to know you a little better.

    • Alma on November 3, 2007 at 20:11

    I really enjoyed learning about my fellow posters.  🙂

  2. in 6 months or so . The demographics are interesting…maybe one on income and education as well. Thanks Boise Lib.

  3. are old and hardly anybody lives in the south. I know what business I want to get into: retirement communities for progressives…

    • frosti on November 3, 2007 at 22:57

    urban, rural, suburban, city or something.  I would also be interested in how many moves people have made in their lifetimes. 

    • srkp23 on November 4, 2007 at 00:15

    are slackin’, cuz I know there’s more than 2 of us here!

    Also, I know we’ve got some Docuponies in Asia.

    Maybe it’d be worth putting the “where are you?” poll up again.

    Thanks for doing this!

  4. Mongo straight!

  5. and that is a darn shame because I could invite myself to visit them.

    • fatdave on November 4, 2007 at 04:34

    “I also wanted to break out the UK from Europe,”

    the UK Independence Party will welcome you with open arms.

    • Twank on November 4, 2007 at 15:13

    Or is it too late for that?

  6. I figured I’d post this over here since it has to do with stats and who we are attracting to the site:

    1. I added the docu newsfeed to several more news aggregators. 

    2. I placed the “contributor sites” and “the usual suspects” on the wiki.

    3. I added an Immediate Actions section to the wiki.

    4. I set up a news aggregator for all the “contributor sites” but am still trying to figure out how best to display it.

    5. I did some promotion for the “contributor sites” as well.  I’ll poke at that as time allows.  I had fun reading through the various sites as well.

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